The Evolution of Modern Dating

The Evolution of Modern Dating

February 2022

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Around 50M Americans now prefer Exquisite Introductions or other online matchmaking websites to search for their dream partner. Indeed, 40% of couples in the United States report meeting online compared to only 20% in 2009. It’s astonishing how much Exquisite Introductions online matchmaking has displaced the role of family and friends in meeting the better half. It reveals how our relationship with high-tech is excavating to a whole new level and how does this modern trend influence our everyday lives and humanity as a whole? Let’s talk about the evolution of modern dating:

Personal Ads Was On the Scope (the 1970s)

Personal ads in periodicals and newspapers were a progressively renowned way of approaching a date, as newspapers like Singles News in West Coast and New York started featuring ads for love-seeking guys and girls. 

First Move of Online Dating (the 1970s)

Even though we believe online dating is a legitimately modern phenomenon, it turns out that the first incursion into tech-driven love had already happened by the year 1970. Several years back, in 1965, a couple of Harvard University students named Vaughan Morrill and Jeff Tarr developed the first online dating website in the United States, and now there are plenty of others like Exquisite Introductions.

‘Hooking Up’ Was On Its Rise (the 1980s)

Even though the concept of “hooking up” has been around for the past few decades, it wasn’t till the 1980s that it revived what it does in modern dating language. A few years back, a jargon term would frequently be utilized to get married. All Through the 1980s, this term started to change; firstly, it meant selecting someone informally at a bash, and later, to mean having sex.

The First SMS Was Sent (the 1990s)

Until the 1990s, texting became middle-of-the-road and started to beat typical phone calls; in the year 1992, the first text message was sent. From where in 1997 saw the first cellphone with a keyboard. In 1999, texting started amongst different networks and mobile phone providers for the very first time.

Technology Given A Boom To Country Mile Relationships (the 2000s)

Before the technology, the overall concept of a country mile relationship was, as we call it today, a virtual relationship. With the initiation of video calling technology such as Skype, which launched in 2003, it became more convenient than ever for pairs to communicate across prolonged distances and worldwide borders.

Social Networking Gives Daters Unparalleled Access (the 2010s)

In the modern epoch of social media, blind dates are practically impossible. Several platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook have augmented individuals’ online presence and exposure to a whole new level, which has generally made pre-date pestering a modern norm.

Individuals Are Suffering Dating Exhaustion (the 2020s)

Many of the fluctuations in dating that have arisen in the last few decades have reproduced society’s immediate need to create proficiency, practicality, and modern solutions in the dating arena. Though, we are now at a stage where dating trends and tactics that have arisen are ultimately leading to dating fatigue. Unluckily, this is leading towards a new dating trend that fundamentally returns to the earliest dating norm and trends.

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