When Your First Impression Is “Wow,” The Rolls Royce ‘Nautical’ Dawn

When Your First Impression Is “Wow,” The Rolls Royce ‘Nautical’ Dawn

June 2022

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One of the greatest joys that life offers is the experience of a “wow” moment. One of these occurrences that will live long in people’s memories took place at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2016, and it was when they showed a Rolls Royce Dawn that had been modified to give the appearance of a yacht!

Dawn series model of Rolls Royce

When Rolls Royce made this exceptional model of their Dawn series available to the general public, many individuals were under the impression that it was a luxurious yacht that could be operated on shore. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that the whole of its body, in addition to the parts housed inside it, is reminiscent of the elements found on a yacht. A client in South Florida requested that this breathtaking piece of artwork be personalized for him. The official presentation was when the customer realized that he had been given his present.

Rolls Royce and Barclay Butera, an interior designer based in Los Angeles who has been admired for a long time due to his sense of what constitutes appropriate nautical decorating, collaborated on the car’s development. His eye for nautical embellishment is one of Barclay Butera’s most recognizable traits.


The opulent yacht design style of the automobile and every minute feature that Barclay Bureta included in this vehicle were the aspects that startled people the most out of everything else. Bureta utilized his creativity and years of expertise to create the interior to meet the level of personalization necessary for the boat while also paying homage to the spirit of Rolls Royce. This included everything from the unique textiles to the accents. Regarding the interiors of its vehicles, Rolls-Royce has long been known for being very detail-oriented, a trait that has earned the band widespread acclaim. A long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing wood named Teak is utilized throughout this unique interior, from the deck to the walls and even for the rich back paneling.

The legendary watch, the Rolex Yacht-Master, inspired the design of the handmade clock that is mounted on the dashboard. The frost white, premium leather seats with delicate navy blue underlining are the essence of the sea and lushness for this particular customer. These chairs also let this customer realize their dreams.

The inside has a minimalistic ergonomic layout ornamented with the highest grade of materials that you can conceive. This unusual mixture of paradoxes makes for an intriguing interior. The style is dignified, yet hidden behind its regal bearing are some of the most cutting-edge information and entertainment technologies. The luxurious finishing touch is provided by the embroidered “Double R” signature of Rolls Royce on the pillows. In addition to it, the interior design also included lamb’s wool carpeting, which was another feature that provided value.

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