Upscale Professional Matchmaking Service.

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Upscale Professional Matchmaking Service.

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Upscale Professional Matchmaking Service.

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Upscale Professional Matchmaking Service.

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An Exclusive Dating & Matchmaking Agency

Exquisite Introductions is the world’s most exclusive matchmaking, dating service in Los Angeles and Globally, that provides luxury matchmaking services for professionals, CEOs and successful individuals. Whether you’re looking for a casual date or a lifelong commitment, our professional matchmaking team will work hard to help you find your perfect match.

Using our trademarked, transformative methodology along with a decade of proven results to introduce educated and enlightened singles to the best match for them. When it comes to a professional dating or matchmaking service in Los Angeles, we are deeply committed to bringing every client who comes to us a love that is deep, profound, and most importantly that lasts. We cater to discerning clientele with an expectation for excellence.

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Matchmaking with a Personal Touch

Are you looking for love, but haven’t found that special someone? You’re not alone. At Exquisite Introductions, we have exclusive memberships and provide you with your own personal matchmaking service in Orange County and worldwide.

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1. Your profile is based on a interview that your own personal matchmaker will conduct.

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3. All of the information you provide, and we ask that you’re 100% honest, helps us find that special someone that you’ve been looking for. The list of information you provide will be used by a professional matchmaker to compile a list of the ideal matches for you.

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2. During the interview process we ensure that :

  • We understand your needs and wants.
  • We verify your background and lifestyle.
  • We identify what your perfect match would be.
  • The Interview process is private and confidential.
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4. We’ll find candidates that meet your client profile needs and wants, and we’ll make sure that your match has similar goals.

Matchmaking with a Personal Touch

A Matchmaking Agency That Goes Beyond the Basics

Exquisite Introductions has been offering Professional Matchmaking services for over a decade, and we’ve learned that there’s a lot more that goes into finding a partner that just meeting the person. When you meet, you may be nervous and at a loss for words on what to say.

Even the most outgoing person can become quiet when they meet some of the models, CEOs and beautiful people we match them with. But we’re here to help.

Our matchmaking agency has dating coaches that will work with you to get over the initial fear and anxiety that you’re experiencing. With the right coaching, you can be a Casanova that seemingly says and does everything right.

We’ll even go the extra mile and help book your reservations and hotel.
While we try our best to make sure that your date is a success, relationships are based on chemistry. We’ll find you a match and coach you before your date, but the rest is up to you.

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  • What kind of people should I expect to meet?

    Our candidate program is designed for high-caliber men and women who are intelligent and successful. Our clients are looking for both serious and casual minded dating. Our members include some of the world's top CEO's and elite clientele, those who prefer to create the trend rather than follow it. Our platform defines us in part, and our audience reflects that.

  • Is dating advice given?

    You can book a consultation with one of our professional relationship coaches. You may also count on the Exquisite Introductions staff for comments and assistance during your membership.

  • What sets us apart from other matchmaking companies and online dating services in Los Angeles?

    We offer a highly personalized service to our clients; we use a unique system like no other matchmakers offer in the industry, we also background check of all our members. Hiring luxury matchmaking services is more like an investment but with enormous benefits, such as finding potential matches that fit all the required criteria they seek in their partner. A professional matchmaker can guide you through all the steps included in the dating process, high-end matchmaking services like Exquisite Introductions are well worth it.

    Our goal is to make dating as easy as possible for our clients. With the help of advanced technology and dating experts, singles can find love from across the world. Our clients are busy professionals who have little time for dating but still want to find their perfect partner. Exquisite Introductions offers an exclusive, highly personalized approach to finding love, our experienced matchmaker's hand-select each candidate based on their client's preferences and goals. This is becoming a successful resource for singles who’re looking to find love.

Customer Reviews

Daniel D Chicago

They did a wonderful job with matching me with someone as expected. I can say, I'm now traveling a lot with an amazingly beautiful woman. That's how good they are! They found me what I asked for. The results are great, I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a relationship. So thankful for them and their services!

Veronica S New York

I heard about Exquisite Introductions through a friend that was fortunate enough to meet her husband through their service and after discussing how great her experience was, I was excited to contact them. I've had a very good experience with them.

Louis M. Canada

Exquisite Introductions is an excellent dating service. They go above and beyond for their clients. They are very accommodating throughout the process and willing to help with any questions you may have. I had the good fortune to find the perfect match on my first introduction, a testament to the effort they put into the initial screening.

Dan M San Diego

What a wonderful experience I had at Exquisite Introductions. I met them in person and they are Amazing. I immediately felt comfortable with them. They are professional, personalized, efficient and effective. They provide an excellent and impeccable matchmaking service to members. I have tried several other services and they are by far the best.

Paola G Miami

Amazing experience with Exquisite Introductions, made an incredible connection at the first introduction. They are very professional, and really put the work to make this happen. Very grateful and recommend 100%.

Benny T Atlanta

Exquisite Introductions is providing an excellent and impeccable matchmaking service to her members, and having tried several other services they are by far the best. She really took the time to get to know my interests and personality in order to meet my exact needs and wants in a relationship.

Ashley M Orange County

Such a professional, high profile and secure organization. Maria is responsive, well connected and a pleasure to communicate with. Five stars all around.

Mary D. Miami

Have had a horrible experience in the past because of unprofessional matchmakers I met. The result was a very disappointing turn of events, which resulted in zero compatible matches. After some hesitation because of the other service, I reached out to Exquisite Introductions, but I am thrilled I did.

Mark R. New York

One of the most professional dating services I've ever dealt with. My experience with online dating started five years ago; I tried so many agencies but ended up scammed several times. But finally, I met Exquisite Introductions, and life is in peace now. I can't say anything bad about them because the experience is TOP NOTCH.

Wesley M. San Diego

In the chaotic and frustrating world of dating in LA, a person can easily give up hope. The statistics are depressing and the online sites never seem to bring the right person. Maria gives solid and useful advice that is no-nonsense and incredibly helpful. And what's more - she cares. She really wants to make that love connection and I think she has the skills, knowledge and tenacity to do just that.

Ashton N. Washington

Maria and her team at Exquisite Introductions were responsive, thoughtful, and overall, very helpful in explaining their services and matchmaking process. I had a great experience - I felt like everything was clearly communicated to me - and ultimately ended up having a successful match through her. It felt like a value add opportunity and I am glad I was open to it.


wrote that a year ago in February – the Valentine month, he felt alone and gloomy. That’s when he decided to seek help from Exquisite introductions. Steve acknowledged the efforts of EI team in trying to understand what he wanted out of a relationship. Steve was successful in getting a date on Valentine’s Day and they two are still dating.


says that he has finally found his soul mate. Further, Greg appreciated the professionalism and diligent efforts of the CEO of Exquisite Introduction and her team. Greg also praised the concierge wedding and honeymoon services of Exquisite Introductions by saying that everything was more beautiful than they could have ever imagined.


a lawyer who didn’t have time to go out looking for love, left it all up to Exquisite Introductions and was not disappointed. Despite her being very choosy, we kept introducing her to new people until she found her one. She appreciated the attention with which each client was dealt with.


admits of being very hesitant before seeking the help of a matchmaker, but her experience with Maria and her team has left her being greatly appreciative of them. She further added that the feedback after every date really did her well and helped her understand herself better. Knowing herself better helped her in having healthy communication with her partner which led her to getting engaged to him.


says that owing to all the bad experiences in matchmaking, he’d given up hope in these services. Upon suggestion from a friend who recently got married to a person selected by Exquisite introduction for him, he gave us a try. John says that it was worth taking the chance. He is highly appreciative of the detail oriented staff of EI. He admitted that if not for Exquisite introductions, I would have given up hope on ever finding love. Love is as essential for us as breathing. At the end of hectic day, we all want to go home to someone with whom we can unwind ourselves. In time like these, it’s hard to find love because no one is ready for that big of a commitment. However, no matter how hard it may seem like we should never ever give up on love because love is all we have.

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