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Professional matchmaking & dating services for men especially when it comes to representing and matchmaking the world’s most successful singles with confidential matchmaking and dating for those accustomed to excellence. We connect with the most beautiful single women in the world. We help you find and experience the love and partner you desire. 

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Men and women need help finding the partners of their dreams. Whether you want to just date and find someone that you’re interested in or are looking for the woman that you can spend the rest of your life with, our luxury matchmaking company can help. Every day, we have high-profile men contacting us looking for a professional matchmaking service. We’ve learned that you can have everything in life, but you need someone to spend your life with. We’re here to help you find the missing piece to your happiness with a private confidential matchmaker for men. Our truly life-changing, professional coaching is highly personalized and customized, preparing each client for healthy love, while introducing them to exceptional, relationship-ready singles. From dating to engagement to marriage, along with all of the wonderful and rich dynamics that occur in life, our clients appreciate the expertise and care provided throughout their entire Exquisite Introductions coaching and training experience. 

Why Men Choose Exquisite Introductions

Beautiful, inciting women from all walks of life are waiting to meet you. Our exclusive clientele include everything from bunnies to entrepreneurs, CEOs and some of the classiest women you’ve ever seen.
Men choose our service because we offer a one-stop shop that no other luxury matchmaking company offers:

Concierge Service

Forget about making plans at the finest restaurant or spending the days before your date worrying about how you’ll entertain your match. We'll take care of these fine details for you.

Hand-selected Matches

We will hand-select your match, conduct a face-to-face interview with her and reduce the risk of sparks not flying when you meet. The truth is that there’s someone for you out there, and we aim to find that person on the first try.


As a matchmaker for high-profile members, we know that one of the most important aspects of matchmaking is maintaining your privacy. We are the original, recognized leader in matchmaking, providing an unparalleled experience and complete discretion. We have strict policies and measures in place that keep your information 100% private.

We go above and beyond for our clients. If you need advice on how to dress or what to say when you’re on your date, we can even coach you to break the ice and feel comfortable.
Contact us today to join our exclusive list of wealthy, powerful men seeking love.

Exquisite Introductions Ladies

At Exquisite Introductions, we qualify every woman that joins our services. On a scale of 1 to 10, these women are all a top 10 and include some of the highest-profile women on the planet. Our exclusive service caters to find your true love. The women that are part of Exquisite Introductions are unique – you won’t find them at a bar nor online dating sites. Sophisticated and successful, these women use our service to help them find the best match. Our list of exotic, beautiful women includes models, beauty pageant winners, businesswomen and more. In addition, we match women with men that want to find their true match and never waste their time. We cater to wealthy and successful men and women. Our clientele includes CEOs, entrepreneurs and more. We run background checks on all potential clients to ensure that our Exquisite Introductions members are well served. So you never have to walk into a restaurant or go on a date where the profile and the person do not match. Our one-stop-shop matchmaking service is unmatched in the industry. If you’re tired of meeting the wrong person, it’s time to reach out to us and begin the interview process. We’ll help you find the successful, perfect and beautiful partner that you deserve.

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Beautiful, inciting women from all walks of life are waiting to meet you

    Exquisite Introductions Experience

    Helping Our Clients Through All Stages of Relationships for More Than Years.

    ”We are experts in meeting our clients wherever they are on their path and we are highly equipped to assist them in achieving their personal relationship goals. Ultimate success means being introduced to the love of their life whether that exists in the form of marriage or a committed and loving romantic relationship. This process is invaluable and accounts for our 90% success rate.” – Maria Silba, Founder Exquisite Introductions Matchmaking.

    You want to fall in love and share your life with a committed partner. We match couples that share that same goal. You are in the right place. We are the original, recognized leader in matchmaking, providing an unparalleled experience and complete discretion.

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