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Our CEO, Maria Silba has extensive experience with every level of matchmaking. She has discovered the hidden secrets on how to match a couple successfully. She is proud to have been selected matchmaker of the year, two years in a row for 2019 and 2020! She has made appearances as a ‘Dating and Love Expert’ on national talk shows and network news segments.

Maria is often featured on TV shows and networks, you may have seen her on billboards across the country, as well as in national publications. She feels that developing and running a Full-Service Matchmaking Company has propelled her to the top of this profession. With A 90% Success rate and International Award-Winning Matchmaking.

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Exquisite Introductions provides an Elite Matchmaking Service to exclusive clientele. As a premier international dating agency, our clients are located all over the world.. Unlike other matchmaking services, we take a unique, personal approach to every match. Each client goes through a careful screening and interview process to ensure that we provide the best possible matches. Our CEO, Maria Silba, takes a hands-on approach and meets with every client personally. As one of the most exclusive matchmaking services in the industry, we take only a limited number of clients.This allows us to develop and nurture meaningful relationships with our clients so that we may provide quality matchmaking services. Our exclusive matchmaking service caters to professionals and executives across the globe. We’ve been providing our services to very exclusive, high-quality and passionate men and women, CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, super models and Hollywood celebrities. Our clientele shares your life goals and values. We understand that finding the right partner can be a challenge, especially for executives and professionals that are dedicated to their successful careers. Exquisite Introductions can help you find a partner who shares your relationship goals and lifestyles. At Exquisite Introductions we do things differently from other top elite and professional dating and matchmaking services. Our matchmaking professional dating service is the safest way to meet quality singles in person, at Exquisite Introductions, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously.

When finding matches, we consider all aspects of your life, your lifestyle and the qualities you are looking for in a partner. Our client questionnaires help our team refine our list of candidates and identify potential partners that will meet your criteria.Exquisite Introductions is more than just a matchmaking service. We offer coaching services to help ensure that your dates and relationships are a success. We also offer a concierge service for Exquisite Introductions members worldwide. For more than a decade, Exquisite Introductions has been helping the world’s top CEOs and professionals find their dream partners and relationships. We, at Exquisite Introductions, know our team members are very caring people. Maria Silba CEO & Founder of Exquisite Introductions will feature Dr. Henry, who aside from being a consultant psychologist on the Exquisite Introductions team, also provides charity flights for medically ill and impoverished children. Maria and Dr. Henry donate their time and his private plane to transport toys to children in the Bahamas to share the joy of the holidays. Designed to help children, as we care for others. This will be an annual trip, part of Exquisite Introductions proceeds go towards foundations to help families and children.

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Exquisite Introductions provides an upscale matchmaking and relationship service

Dr. Henry Koch, has been working as a psychologist, helping couples and singles with a psychological evaluation that helps them maintain a successful relationship. With his doctoral degree in clinical psychology, he is one of the few male matchmakers in our industry. He brings with him a much deeper understanding of human relations that will increase the probability of finding the right person each time. His involvement in our matchmaking process provides a unique perspective that is unlike any other.

Meeting with a psychologist tends to help singles and couples express their emotions and desires to build a more trusting and supportive relationship. The psychologist facilitates the communication between the individuals by helping them learn new ways to express themselves without the sarcasm and blame. This allows couples to elevate their love life, Exquisite Introductions provides an upscale matchmaking and relationship service to some of the most elite executives in New York City. In addition to our offices in Miami, and Los Angeles, we have representatives in select countries globally to help facilitate the needs of our client base.

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We understand what clients are facing when they’re looking for their significant other. Wouldn’t you love to meet your perfect partner? Here at Exquisite Introductions, we understand the deep meaning and value of having a thriving relationship, the opportunity to have meaningful dates, exploring the possibility of a long-lasting relationship, and potentially even a great marriage. This understanding is irreplaceable when combined with our expertise, ability, commitment, and access to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Men come to us because they don’t have the time for dates with the wrong women. Here at Exquisite Introductions our process is simple, proven, and reliable.

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Tracy P. Personal Styling & Image Consulting

Exquisite Introductions offers you a personal stylist. Everyone has asked themselves, at least once, “what am I going to wear?” When you’re ready to meet the potential love of your life, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to wear. But unfortunately, fashion and style are a commitment, and if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, you might not know how to dress. Are you ready to make the ultimate shift from struggling to know what your style is, feeling like you lack confidence in what you wear and how you present yourself? Start building your unique sense of style and feeling good in what you wear, without the stress of over thinking. We’re here to help, a single call is all you need: 

  • Ask our professionals what to wear
  • Ask our professionals what not to wear

Our personal stylist Tracy would love the opportunity to show you that great style is accessible to absolutely everyone. This is where Exquisite Introductions personal styling and image consultation services come into play for men and women all over the world. Our goal is to take care of everything style-related ensuring that you feel confident in what you wear, you no longer have to over think and second guess your style. We offer a personal stylist that helps ensure that you always feel confident in yourself, our stylist equips you with the necessary skills to dress to impress with ease.

Tracy P. Personal Styling & Image Consulting | Best Matchmaking in LA

Nicole Somsung

Photographer & Entrepreneur

She grew up in Thailand, and spend her young years in Germany. Because of her background from Asia and Europe, she’s been inspired by the architecture and land to capture the essence of people enjoying the moment and freeze time. Her business was born shortly after. She has worked with clients from all over the globe and has been featured in several publications. She used her photography to turn her natural talent and passion into a profession. The Key to Nicole’s success is that she treats photography as a sacred process with a fierce passion.

She empowers clients to embrace their inner power. Her ability to turn on her client’s playful side is magnetic, leading to beauty, abundance and joy. When you work with Nicole behind the camera, your whole being will be transformed, allowing you to glow. Her talent and passion make you go on magical journey of discovery.

She’ll unlock beauty in you that you never knew existed. Your whole being will be transformed, allowing you to glow. Nicole helps clients connect to their radiant and attractive, transformed selves!

Nicole Somsung - Photographer and Entrepreneur

Michael Leonard


Director of Concierge Services

His practice primarily focuses on Exquisite Introductions’ Concierge Services. Michael is highly skilled and can add to your life by taking care of all those time-consuming activities involved in a romantic getaway. We have an extensive network to help you get VIP access to some of the most exclusive events and experiences around the world. When it comes to traveling, so many things need to be considered and planned for in advance. Generally not many of us like planning or even having to remember every detail about our trip! Even keeping record of a busy schedule can be pretty difficult. That’s why Exquisite Introductions offers concierge services to our clients, providing a stress-free experience.

Most of our team members are available to assist members in completing various task and can handle everything you need as long as it’s related to plans for a date or travel. This includes booking your hotel room whether it’s a 5-star hotel, cruise, booking tickets, making restaurant reservations, special event services, red carpet, vacation planning or transportation arrangement. A good personalized service can help cover whatever you need.

The list goes on and on, with a plethora of companies in the service industry offering this type of concierge service to customers. Exquisite Introductions offers a full matchmaking experience to our clients, going above and beyond to elevate our clients’ experience.

Director Of Concierge Services | Best Matchmaking in LA

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Success Stories

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There was an enticing advertisement in a magazine for a matchmaking service called Exquisite Introductions. I did some research on them and read their wonderful reviews, since I was single and was looking for a relationship, I called them and ultimately hired them. I spoke with Maria (owner and founder of Exquisite Introductions) and Dr. Henry (psychologist for Exquisite Introductions) and found them to be quite pleasant and very professional about their business and helping me find romance. Their service is both customized to my desires and confidential, I ended up meeting and married a beautiful and intelligent woman. It was well worth it to me and my relationship to hire them.

Matt S.
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I came from Canada to LA for my best friend's wedding. He met his wife through Exquisite Introductions, she is absolutely gorgeous and he is as happy as I've ever seen him. I asked him to help me out and he arranged an introductions with this matchmaking agency. I had never used a matchmaking agency before (and the results showed!). I had been single for many years until I signed up with Exquisite Introductions, with their help I have found my fiancé and we are going to take advantage of their seamless concierge service for our wedding and honeymoon plans.

Mike C.

I’m a busy professional with a grueling schedule and although I sought out relationships in the past, I never had enough time to fully evaluate who I was dating. Like most professionals, I felt hiring someone to evaluate my social life would be a positive step in finding a lasting relationship. Thank God I found Exquisite Introductions! They listened to my relationship desires and evaluated potential matches before ultimately introducing me to my ideal woman. We are happily married and she is an amazing woman! Thanks again to Exquisite Introductions.

Matt F.

I first heard about Exquisite Introductions from my friends who were very positive about their experiences with them. I was single at that and decided to try them out. They were very professional with me and never pushed any of their clients to date. They always showed me the profiles of potential matches and gave me the opportunity to meet them. I fell in love with a Professional Man who was the CEO of his own company with the help of Exquisite Introductions. We have since moved in together after he proposed to me in Paris!

Linda P.
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The beginning of February all the stores were selling paraphernalia for Valentine’s Day. That made me feel quite sad and alone. Rather than mope around, I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Exquisite Introductions. They were not only professional and efficient; they were sensitive to my wants and desires regarding a relationship. I feel so fortunate to have hired them! They actually were able to introduce me to a woman before Valentine's Day. Our first date was on Valentine's Day and we are still going out and are in love.

Steve G.

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