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Exquisite Introductions offers an exclusive, unbeatable, private, high-end Los Angeles matchmaking dating service with high profile clientele and exclusive members. As a state-of-the-art matchmaking agency, we’ve developed a unique system that increases your odds of “finding the one.”

Love seems easy in movies, but life has a way of sending the wrong people our way.
When you work with our matchmaking professionals, you’re working with a team of legitimate matchmakers that have developed a system for success. Your wants and desires are different than any client we have, so it’s important that we fully understand why you’re using our matchmaking service.

Try Professional Matchmaking

It All Starts with a Client Profile

Our Professional Matchmakers will reach out to you to learn about your goals. We’ll conduct a complete interview that allows us to develop a client profile that we’ll use internally to match you with the right match that is looking for an exclusive, long-term relationship and is looking for love on our platform. Our membership gives incredible men and women an opportunity to meet other successful VIP members. Exquisite Introductions provides a safe and discreet dating experience, we’re a unique platform that provides exclusive luxury matchmaking, dating, relationship coaching and concierge services to our members.

Exquisite Introductions requires four profile pictures to get started. We’ll also be conducting our own due diligence to ensure all members are:

  • Providing accurate information
  • Living the lifestyle they claim

Once your profile is complete, we’ll start the task of matching you with someone that is beautiful, successful, and wants what you want in matchmaking. Our Professional Matchmakers will also take all your requirements into account before suggesting you the services.

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Concierge and Date Coaching

A major part of dating is knowing what to say and do. Some people seem like masters of the dating world, while others lack the experience needed to dazzle a room full of men or women. But don’t worry, our dating coaches can help. We carefully blend our personalized service, we have built custom systems that we pair with a deep understanding allowing us to match you with quality matches that fit your criteria.

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Make a lasting first impression

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Entertain your date

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Feel comfortable

It's often the small details that make a date a success. Make the other person laugh and smile, and you’ll be surprised at how successful your date will be. On top of our date coaching, we also provide concierge services. What can we help you with? Anything. We can:

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Book reservations at a restaurant

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Book a hotel room

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Recommend places to go

Our matchmaking service makes it as simple and easy as possible to go on a date that you thought was only possible on the big screen. We have over a decade worth of experience helping people just like you meet the person of their dreams.


  • Is this private, or may others see my images and information?

    We offer the best matchmaking services in NYC that are entirely private. Potential matches will only know the most basic information about you, and only genuine matches will know your first name and potentially see a photo of you.

  • How can someone get legitimate matchmaking services Near Me?

    Exquisite Introductions specializes in introducing local singles to exceptional people who share their values, interests, and life objectives.

  • What exactly is a Concierge Service?

    Consider it your own dating Personal Assistant. We handle all the dating details for your first dates, including restaurant reservations, vehicle, pick-up arrangements, and unique services like candlelight dinners on the lake or helicopter trips to a mountain top for a champagne brunch. We can organize anything for you based on your budget and interests.

  • How does Exquisite Introductions work?

    Our matchmakers will only reach out to you when they have a potential match for you. While we may not have a potential match right away, we’re working with thousands of new clients and your match may be worth the wait. As an Exquisite Introductions candidate, you have nothing to lose and can only benefit from meeting the perfect match. Our proficient matchmakers uses a personalized approach to carefully select and introduce compatible singles, creating a stress-free and enjoyable dating experience. Exquisite Introductions is the answer if you're looking for a reliable and effective way to find love.