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The Art of Exquisite Introductions Matchmaking Experience

Helping our clients through all stages of relationships for more than ten years. We are the original recognized leader in matchmaking, providing an unparalleled experience and complete discretion. Ultimate success means being able to help many clients, by introducing them to the love of their life, whether that exists in the form of marriage, or a committed and loving romantic relationship. You want to be able to fall in love and share your life with a committed partner, we match couples that share that same goal and are seeking to find the love of their life. We’re experts in meeting our clients wherever they are on their path and we are highly equipped to assist them in achieving their personal relationship goals. – Maria Silba, Founder of Exquisite Introductions Matchmaking.

Matt S.

I have been with a few matchmakers before I joined Exquisite Introductions, but what convinced me to join Exquisite Introductions was the fact they have wonderful feedback from their clients. The fact that the founder Maria met with me and asked me questions was nice because the other matchmakers I’ve joined never gave this kind of service. That’s when I knew she that she was a genuine matchmaker. After trying several online dating services with no success and feeling that my time was wasted, I was skeptical. I wanted to take a different approach to get the outcome I was looking for in a matchmaking Company. Exquisite Introductions proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Maria and her team provided a warm, first-class service from start to finish tailored to me and finding my perfect match. I’ve never met with the owner or CEO of a matchmaking company like I did with Maria. After meeting my wife through them, we’ve now been married for 1 year and couldn’t be happier. Furthermore, privacy is of the utmost importance to me, I didn’t want my information to be handed around. Maria takes all the info from her clients and just directs her team. It is all confidential and private, I never had to worry with them and they provided the best service. Maria personally took care of me and I consider her confidential and professional. She is not just an ordinary matchmaker.

Sofia L.

I have heard my friends talking about Exquisite Introductions and saw they had a Billboard in New York. I moved to New York a year ago and knowing about matchmaking caused me to be a little bit curious, I called their office and googled the site and I was impressed with how many people gave them feedback. After all I’ve heard about and read, I knew Exquisite Introductions was a professional company and their website is just amazingly beautiful. I filled out my profile and literally the next morning someone from their team called me in the morning. I joined that day and the next day I went on my fist date. We went to dinner and found out we were 20 minutes from each other as if we were meant to meet. We’ve been exclusive for a few months! this was like a dream come true for me. That’s the best part about Exquisite Introductions, they make sure that the men and women meet the requirements to join. I’ve heard from friends that with other matchmakers they match their clients with people who don’t have the same goals or views. The team and Maria are constantly communicating advice and feedback! It is so hard to meet men and new people in such a big city like NYC. If you are serious about finding a relationship, Maria and her team are wonderful, you will meet your perfect match with them.

Gary G.

I just came out of a long-term relationship and I had joined a different matchmaking company. They matched me only with women that were not a good fit for me. They promised that they had beautiful women but they did not. It was just a waste of money and time. I have no experience in the matchmaking business, but after a few months of struggles with matchmaking and dating services and being very unhappy with that, by chance someone recommended Exquisite Introductions. I spoke to Maria the CEO & Founder at Exquisite Introductions, after meeting with Maria and her team I signed up. Exquisite Introductions is by far the best experience I’ve had in the matchmaking industry. They offered better quality services and gorgeous ladies! Best money I’ve spent and could not be happier. Exquisite Introductions has the best database in the industry. Their team is just amazing to work with as they are very responsive and confidential!


Success Stories

I came from Canada to LA for my best friend’s wedding. He met his wife through Exquisite Introductions. She is absolutely gorgeous and he is as happy as I’ve ever seen him. I asked him to help me out and he arranged an introduction with this Elite Matchmaking company. I had never used a matchmaking company before (and the results showed!). I had been single for many years until I signed up with Exquisite Introductions. With their help I have found my fiancé and we are going to take advantage of their seamless concierge service for our wedding and honeymoon plans.

Matt S.

There was an enticing advertisement for an Elite Matchmaking Service called Exquisite Introductions. I researched them and read their wonderful reviews. Since I was single and desired a relationship, I called them and ultimately hired them. I spoke with Maria (owner and founder of Exquisite Introductions) and Dr. Henry (psychologist for Exquisite Introductions) and found them to be quite pleasant and very professional about their business and helping me find romance. Their service is both customized to my desires and confidential. I ended up meeting and am still dating a beautiful and intelligent woman. It was well worth it to me and my relationship to hire them.

Mike C.
Bride Groom Country Wedding

I’m a busy professional with a grueling schedule and although I sought out relationships in the past, I never had enough time to fully evaluate who I was dating. Like most professionals, I felt hiring someone to evaluate my social life would be a positive step in finding a lasting relationship. Thank God I found Exquisite Introductions! They listened to my relationship desires and evaluated potential matches before ultimately introducing me to my match. We are still dating and she is an amazing woman! Thanks again to Exquisite Introductions.

Matt F.

I first heard about Exquisite Introductions from my friends who were very positive about their experiences with them. I was single at that and decided to try them out. They were very professional with me and never pushed any of their clients to date. They always showed me the profiles of potential matches and gave me the opportunity to meet them. I fell in love with a Professional Man who was the CEO of his own company with the help of Exquisite Introductions. We have since moved in together after he proposed to me in Paris!

Linda P.

The beginning of February all the stores were selling paraphernalia for Valentine’s Day. That made me feel quite sad and alone. Rather than mope around, I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Exquisite Introductions. They were not only professional and efficient; they were sensitive to my wants and desires regarding a relationship. I feel so fortunate to have hired them! They actually were able to introduce me to a woman before Valentine's Day. Our first date was on Valentine's Day and we are still going out and are in love.

Steve G.
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