Men have a lot of interesting, vital questions that they need to ask before hiring a matchmaker or using luxury matchmaking services. When it comes to life, you want to be in control and make calculated moves that advance your life each step of the way. Exquisite Introductions offers the best matchmaking service in the industry, with help and guidance from start to finish.

A few of the most common questions we receive from men interested in our Professional luxury matchmaking services are:

  • How does Exquisite Introductions differ from other matchmakers?

    Our Founder & CEO, Maria Silba has extensive experience with every level of matchmaking. She has helped other matchmaking companies in the industry grow. She has discovered the hidden secrets on how to match a couple successfully. Exquisite Introductions is an Award-Winning Matchmaking Company, we are honored to have a reputation of being a trustworthy team that is compassionate and genuine in our approach. Every day, we have high-profile members contacting us looking for a professional matchmaking service. Exquisite Introductions is a professional matchmaking agency that only accepts a handful of applicants, which allows us focus on each client's individual needs. Our Professional Matchmakers will reach out to you to learn about your goals. We’ll conduct a complete interview that allows us to develop a client profile that we’ll use internally to match you with other matches that are looking for love on our platform. Our Professional International Matchmaking Service is famous among both men and women. We are the original, recognized leader in matchmaking, providing an unparalleled experience and complete discretion. We also provide a Concierge Service, forget about making plans at the finest restaurant or spending the days before your date worrying about how you’ll entertain your match. We'll take care of these fine details for you. We have concierge travel services available, we’ll handle all of the date’s fine details, from booking reservations at the best restaurant in the city to making sure that you’re on the VIP list. If requested we also provide date coaching to help you through the process!

  • How do you meet each clients individual needs?

    Our Clients consist of busy professionals, public figures and high net-worth individuals. We look for potential matches in your requested geographical location and we make sure to take into account your lifestyle, personality, interests, philosophy and values. This has proven to be so successful that on average, most of our clients place their membership on hold.

  • How Does Exquisite Introductions Work?

    Our matchmaking service works by you creating a profile that lists everything from your desires in a relationship to your age. We'll use this information to match you with others, using our client questionnaire.
    Our staff will take it a step further with an interview of your potential match. We find you the perfect match that fits your criteria and preference. Then we’ll connect you with the woman we think has the best chance of being the “perfect fit.”

  • How Can I Join Exquisite Introductions?

    You can request a private consultation by visiting our website at: www.exquisiteintroductions.com and fill out the consultation form or call us at 1 (866) 487-8588, we meet with each client personally. During the interview we will ask you to provide us with more information about your background, lifestyle and interests. You will also learn how our elite matchmaking service works to ensure that we meet your expectations. Before you fill out our form, you may be wondering what sets our matchmaking services apart from others in the industry. We will hand-select your match, conduct a face-to-face interview with her and reduce the risk of sparks not flying when you meet. The truth is that there’s someone for you out there, and we aim to find that person on the first try. We only take a few clientele each year to allow us the time to personally meet and get acquainted with each client. Once qualified we will email you a personal, confidential profile to fill out and provide you with a password to access your profile. Your profile is 100% confidential and offline, your information is held in the strictest of confidence. What this means is that it’s not public database and there is no page where people can search for your application can only be seen by our matchmakers.

  • Why Men Choose Exquisite Introductions?

    Our Founder & CEO, Maria Silba, takes a hands-on approach and meets with every client personally. As one of the most exclusive matchmaking services in the industry, we take only a limited number of clients. This allows us to develop and nurture meaningful relationships with our clients so that we may provide quality matchmaking services. Exquisite Introductions offers an unbeatable, private service with elite clientele and exclusive members. Every relationship begins with trust, which is why you'll hear Exquisite Introductions refer to Maria not just as their matchmaker but as their trusted advisor. Maria has been able to build a great relationship with her clients by being honest and straightforward about advice and thoughts. She's a talented relationship expert, which is why she boasts a success rate of over 90%.  

    Our professional matchmaker service caters to professionals and executives across the globe. We provide access to some of the most beautiful women in the world, our clientele shares your life goals and values. We understand that finding the right partner can be a challenge, especially for executives and professionals that are dedicated to their successful careers. Exquisite Introductions is more than just a matchmaking service, we also provide concierge and coaching services to help ensure that your dates and relationships are a success. For more than a decade Exquisite Introductions has been helping the world’s top CEOs and professionals find their dream partners. 

  • Do You Screen The Clients Who Join Exquisite Introductions?

    Yes, we don’t accept just anyone as a client. We carefully screen and filter the individuals accepted in our program. Exquisite Introductions takes pride in being the safest and most confidential matchmaking firm. All of our clients are carefully evaluated and verified.

  • Will My Information Remain Private?

    Yes, all of our members information is kept confidential. We have very strict policies and measures in place that keep your information 100% private and off the web.

  • How Will You Protect My Privacy?

    We fully respect that some clients prefer to keep their use of a matchmaking firm discreet and confidential as such, we do not disclose personal identifying information. If you would like to review our full privacy policy you can view it by visiting:

  • Do you work with clients internationally?

    We do. Our team of international matchmakers cover most cities in Europe, USA and Asia. We Provide services Worldwide.

  • What is matchmaking?

    Matchmaking has been around for centuries, matchmaking has shifted and grown to adapt to more modernistic relationship ideals. Even so the focus remains the same: matching one single person to another, both are hoping to find love with a partner in order to build a successful relationship.

  • Will my profile be visible to the public?

    We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of discretion and confidentiality. Your information will only be accessible to our team of matchmakers. This is one of the main reasons why our clients choose our dating service.

  • How is matchmaking different to online dating?

    Exquisite Introductions matchmaking is tailored to you. Forget about algorithms and trying to find your life partner based on appearances alone. Although looking for marriage or a life partner online can be successful, it is also time consuming and hugely unreliable. Our matchmaking methods are based on psychological principles and professional consultations. We hand pick your matches, making sure their values, ideals and interests align to your own.

  • How does it work?

    Your matchmaker will sit down with you and conduct a Compatibility Profiling session. This is where we really get to know you and understand what you are looking for. During this time, we will discuss what you’re looking for whether you desire a partner for marriage, or life, we like to have a clear idea of the kind of person you feel you would be the most compatible with before we begin our search. We will then find potential matches who we believe are compatible with you, working with you throughout the entire process.

  • If I decide to join, when can I expect to start dating?

    The first step to becoming an Exquisite Introduction member is filling out our detailed questionnaire and having a consultation with one of our matchmakers. After this, you can expect to be talking to your matchmaker about potential matches within three to seven days and your first Introduction should take place soon after that.

  • How long does the membership last?

    Our standard Membership 12 months. This increases depending on the client’s custom preferences and criteria.

  • Where will my matchmaker be based?

    Your matchmaker will be based in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Tampa, Orange County, New York, San Francisco and San Jose. We do, however, have a large team of consultants who are based internationally.

  • Where are your offices?

    Our office is located in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Tamp, Orange County, New York and San Jose. We’re headquartered in Century City, California! The location of our offices does not limit our matchmaking, in fact the majority of our clients are based in other cities around the world.

  • How do I know if I’m ready to use a matchmaker?

    Only you can truly know whether you are relationship ready. We cannot provide a relationship – we can only provide an introduction. You need to have the time and energy to invest in making sure that you can develop that introduction into a stable and committed relationship. Of course, we’ll be there to help and support you as necessary but you must help us, help you. If the idea of this daunts you, or you don’t feel that you have the time to invest then you’re probably not ready to start your search with us for a life partner.

  • How do I know if matchmaking is right for me?

    The initial consultation will help you understand a little bit more about our process and how it will work. It's important you feel confident that this is the way you'd like to find love and your future life partner. Matchmaking isn't right for everyone- it's important you feel comfortable with both the matchmaking team and the concept! The clients we work with believe in using experts in all areas of their life. They've often had mentors or personal trainers- they strive for success and want to do that in the most effective way possible.