23 Best 3rd Date Ideas in Los Angeles

23 Best 3rd Date Ideas in Los Angeles

May 2023

Are you looking for some new and exciting ideas for your third date in Los Angeles?

Our dating experts here at Exquisite Introductions have rounded up the perfect combination of activities to ensure your special night will be one to remember!

Whether you want something understated yet fun or grandiosely romantic, there are plenty of amazing 3rd date ideas in our incredible city with captivating views, and lively ambiance to truly sweep her off her feet!

Read on for inspiration, from cruising around on a private boat trip in Marina del Rey to stargazing near Griffith Observatory.

Get ready to fall more deeply in love with the City of Angels, one breathtaking activity at a time!

So before we get underway let’s find out a little more about that elusive third date and what it means.

 What Does a Third Date Mean?

Ah, the third date. It’s an exciting milestone in any budding relationship. But what exactly does it mean?

Well, to begin with, it’s typically a sign that both parties are interested in each other and want to continue getting to know one another.

It’s a time to start peeling back the layers and really showing your true self.

While some may view the third date as the point where physical intimacy begins, that’s certainly not the case for everyone.

It’s more about establishing a deeper connection and potentially moving toward a more serious relationship.

Remember, there are no strict rules or timelines when it comes to dating, so just enjoy the moment and see where it takes you!


 Ideas For a Third Date.

So whether you’re looking for something low-key or luxurious, LA has plenty of options from which to choose.

From outdoor activities like horseback riding at Griffith Park to watching a movie together at one of the city’s many drive-in theaters, there is something here for everyone.

And if that isn’t enough, how about enjoying a sunset stroll along Venice Beach or grabbing dinner and drinks at some of the city’s most iconic restaurants?

No matter what you decide to do on your third date, make sure it’s fun and memorable!

With our 23 amazing 3rd date ideas in Los Angeles, you’re sure to make a lasting impression.

 23 Best 3rd Date Ideas in Los Angeles

1. Take a romantic stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and take selfies with your favorite stars.

2. Tour some of the finest artwork collections accompanied by gorgeous gardens and breathtaking views at the Getty Centre.

3. Take in the amazing views from Griffith Observatory during sunset or night for an unforgettable experience.

4. Spend the day kayaking along Ballona Creek and picnic by the beach afterward.

5. Get a birds-eye view of LA while taking a ride on LAX’s SkyView Ferris Wheel near Playa Vista Beach Park.

6. Enjoy delicious food and drinks while watching improv comedy at The Groundlings Theater in Hollywood.

7. Treat yourself to fine dining and a luxurious atmosphere at one of LA’s finest restaurants, like Providence or CATCH LA.

8. Dine and sail with a 3-hour evening cruise of the Long Beach waterfront aboard the Queen Mary.

9. Unwind with a massage, facial, and spa treatments at one of Los Angeles’ many luxury spas and resorts such as Olive & June or Burke Williams Spa.

10. Go on a unique adventure in downtown’s underground tunnels with The Last Bookstore’s Literary Crawl Tour.

11. Take your date for a romantic horseback ride around the area’s trails with Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables.

12. Try something new and visit the Japanese Garden at the LA County Arboretum for a relaxing stroll among ponds and streams.

13. Head to Venice Beach for an evening of live music and drinks on the Venice Whaler’s outdoor patio.

14. Indulge in a tasting experience with your date at  Golden Road Brewing, where you can sample their craft beers as well as food from their gastropub menu.

15. Enjoy dinner on a rooftop while watching the sunset over downtown Los Angeles at Perch or 71Above restaurants.

16. Experience art like never before by visiting one of the area’s many interactive art installations such as The Museum of Ice Cream or Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return.

17. Play a game of miniature golf at the Griffith Park Adventure Course or the Castle Park in Sherman Oaks.

18. Catch a live show of your favorite stand-up comedian at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

19. Take a drive up to Malibu and have dinner on one of the many beachfront restaurants offering stunning views and delicious seafood dishes.

20. Visit one of Los Angeles’ many escape rooms, where you and your date can solve puzzles together as you try to make it out before time runs out!

21. Test your knowledge (and luck) with trivia night at local bars located near downtown Los Angeles.

22 Treat each other to a pamper session at one of the top spas in Los Angeles, like Viceroy Santa Monica or The Peninsula Beverly Hills.

23. Enjoy a romantic picnic for two on the grassy hillsides of Elysian Park, located nearby downtown LA’s bustling nightlife scenes.

Whether you’re looking for something adventurous or something more laid-back, these best 3rd date ideas in Los Angeles have something fun and exciting for everyone!

With so many amazing places to explore, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot to share an unforgettable experience together and make wonderful memories.

So just before we go, here are a few tips on how to get prepared!

 Get Ready

So, you’ve got a 3rd date coming up and you want to make a good impression. So first of all, take a deep breath and relax. Remember, they agreed to go out with you again for a reason!

Now, when it comes to preparation, it’s all about finding a balance between making an effort and being yourself.

Plan something fun and different from your previous dates, ( we hope we’ve inspired you!) but don’t go overboard and try to impress them with things that aren’t true to who you are.

Take note of what they’ve talked about on previous dates and use that as a guide for activities or places to go.

It’s also important to dress appropriately for the occasion and make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Most importantly, be yourself and have a good time!

 23 Best 3rd Date Ideas In Los Angeles -The Wrap

So if you are looking to get to the 3rd date level in Los Angeles and still haven’t found what you are looking for, then get in touch with one of our expert matchmakers.

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