Elite Matchmaker Shares Dating Advice for Single Men

Elite Matchmaker Shares Dating Advice for Single Men

December 2022

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You won’t meet “the one” until you’ve dated a few interesting people, so why not enjoy the journey and take advantage of its opportunities?

The world of dating may be a cold and heartless place at times. Regarding dating, there is usually at least one source of anxiety, what with all the dating apps, friends putting up pals, and even just meeting the traditional way. However, there is nothing wrong with seeking advice every once in a while, and fortunately, we at Exquisite Introductions have some helpful suggestions and insights for men that we would like to share with you.

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Set aside your ego.

Dating is not for those who are easily emotionally hurt. It is important to remember that a specific individual isn’t interested in you due to how you appear or how you perform in bed is about them and their goals and not about you. You might be desirable to someone else precisely because of the quality that this other dislikes in you. Realize that none of it pertains to you personally. Assure yourself that you are perfectly well and that nothing is wrong with you.

Step out of your way.

Please pay attention to what people say about you, but remember that their comments are 90 percent about themselves. What they are saying may contain a grain of truth. Listen to their statements, whatever they may be, and decide how you feel about them after doing so.

Be Confident, Not Arrogant

Confidence and arrogance can coexist, but only to a certain extent. A woman’s attraction to a guy can be significantly increased by the man’s ability to exude self-assurance. On the other side, arrogance is a way to lose someone’s interest completely. Take care to achieve a satisfactory equilibrium.

It is wonderful to be successful; nevertheless, we can guarantee that if you talk excessively about your wealth and accomplishments, the ladies with whom you can develop a romantic relationship will be put off by your behavior. There is a fine line between explaining what you have accomplished with genuine pride and utilizing your successes and accomplishments as a form of armor you talk about all the time.

Take A Patient Approach

It is not a great idea to try to replicate the success you’ve had in your professional life in other aspects of your personal life, even if you are good at bringing about significant changes quickly. Take things slowly while you’re dating someone, make an effort to get to know the other person, and court her in the manner of the courting strategy. This helps to create trust between the two of you and provides a realistic chance for you to explore what the chemistry between you could lead to.

Elite Matchmaker Shares Dating Advice for Single Men

Make Her Feel Special

Your date is just like any other woman in that she enjoys it when she is allowed to feel like a princess. You don’t need to lavish her with presents; all you need to do is to support her, show her kindness, and let her know you care.

Avoid Being Possessive

It would help if you never allowed yourself the luxury of being possessive on a date, regardless of whether it’s the first or the twenty-first. You do not own the lady you are dating, and no man ever can claim ownership over the woman he is romantically involved with.

Forget About Work

Nobody wants to spend the entire evening listening to you talk about how stressful your job life is or how successful it is. Although it may be significant to you, most others do not place the same importance on it.

Force yourself to approach people.

Do not sit about waiting to be approached, whether it is in person or online. How else will you ever know whether the chance meeting might lead to anything else? If the conversation could be better, continue asking questions to break the ice. People have a natural inclination to talk about themselves. But beware. Certain individuals enjoy making the conversation solely about themselves. Consider this a warning sign if the topic of discussion does not eventually reevaluate around to you. When you talk about yourself, many will start thinking of something to say about themselves in response to whatever you say.

Know yourself to know when you are ready 

You need to begin with yourself and become familiar with who you are before you can enter into a romantic partnership. Being in a relationship when you don’t know who you are is like trying to dress a newborn while it’s still in the womb. It doesn’t work. You want first to find out who you’re meeting before introducing yourself to a female. And when you know and enjoy who you are, you will understand when the time is feasible for you to take the next step.


If you are interested in a girl or dating her, yet most of your communication with her is done through texting, you are doing everything wrong. Texting can be an enjoyable experience when done at the proper time and in the correct setting, but it can be detrimental to a relationship when done excessively. Make a call to her on your phone rather than sending her a text message utilizing it. Make sure you give her a call so you can hear her voice and carry on a chat with her. Do not pick her up and then put her down; by all means, do not restrict her to a character count of only 160.

Seek Advice

If you are interested in a girl or dating her, yet most of your communication with her is done through texting, you are doing everything wrong. Texting can be an enjoyable experience when done at the proper time and in the correct setting, but it can be detrimental to a relationship when done excessively. Make a call to her on your phone rather than sending her a text message utilizing it. Make sure you give her a call so you can hear her voice and carry on a chat with her. Do not pick her up and then put her down; by all means, do not restrict her to a character count of only 160.

Put yourself out there.

If you have never tried putting yourself out there, you will never have the chance to meet that one person who changes your life forever. You may have had your heart crushed or battled with shyness. Regardless of your reluctance, pushing through your worries and committing to socializing with new people is essential. Dating is an activity that, by its very definition, can be stressful and fraught with danger. You have to be ready to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and be open to trying new things. Try accepting all that is happening around you rather than running away from it all. Keep in mind that any potential dates you do end up going out with will be in the same position as you.

Meet people online and in real life

If you are of an older generation, you generally have a greater propensity to meet people in person than venturing into the uncharted waters of the online dating world via applications. On the other hand, if you’re a younger person, the idea of having a conversation with a stranger in real life can be horrifying to you. In all honesty, the best way to get to know someone is to engage in activities combining the two. Sign up for a few different online dating sites, but also make an effort to be more outgoing and meet people in person. If striking up conversations with strangers at a pub isn’t your thing, you might try something different, like joining a book club or attending an exercise class. People who struggle with social interactions may grow to rely too much on online apps as a crutch. It would be better if you tried to avoid doing this as much as possible since you need to practice feeling comfortable around people in real life. 

Plan date venues where you’ll be in your element

The conventional location for a first date is either a trendy bar or an upscale restaurant; however, even though there is nothing inherently wrong with either of these options, they are only sometimes the best places to have a nice time. If you choose to meet your date at a crowded and loud bar, you may need help finding seats and may not even be able to hear what the other person is saying. In the meanwhile, expensive restaurants may cause you to experience feelings of pressure and discomfort. Choose a location you are familiar with rather than going for something “spectacular,” such as the Victorian pub close to your house or the indie pizza restaurant that you like best. Also, keep in mind that you are free to experiment with anything that is rather novel. Feel free to offer an activity during the day, such as having a quaint picnic in the park or taking a stroll around an art gallery. The date will naturally go more smoothly if it takes place in an environment where you will feel comfortable and at ease.

Ask lots of questions.

A common advice given to guys for their first date is to ask many questions. If you battle shyness, this is solid advice for you to follow. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t go too in-depth too quickly; instead, keep the discussion light and simple by concentrating on things like work, hobbies, and future vacation plans. If they bring up deeper things, that’s wonderful, but if you overshare or are overly nosy about someone else’s private life, it might be a turnoff and look too intrusive early on in your relationship. If they bring up deeper topics, then that’s great. Even more importantly, be sure to pay attention to the responses given by your date and ask many follow-up questions. Please make a note in your head of crucial information, such as their dog’s name or favorite meal, and bring them up later to demonstrate that you are interested in what they have to say. In conclusion, you must discuss and be open about yourself as well. You don’t want them to walk away from the date having learned nothing about you.

Don’t come on too strong.

On a first date, striking the ideal balance between being too forward and too reserved can be difficult. You want to give off the impression that you are self-assured without coming off as arrogant, interested without appearing nosy, and polite without becoming archaic. When it comes to demonstrating romantic interest in your date, you need to strike the same kind of balance that you did earlier. Even if you can already picture the two of you getting married, you shouldn’t be overly forward with your feelings or assume that your date has the same thoughts. You should be confident to give a few compliments and tell them that you’ve had a wonderful time, but you should expect a little in return. If you are interested in seeing them again, you should ask them out on a second date, but you should not be insistent if they appear reluctant or say no. There is value in keeping some of your feelings in check until you’ve gotten to know a person better, but this old piece of relationship advice that advises you to “play hard to get” is not a rule that should be followed in a healthy relationship.

Debrief with friends

One of the most beneficial things to do after a date is to discuss it with one or two close friends you can count on – whether or not the date was successful, and so on. In most cases, a friend in a committed and happy long-term relationship is more likely to be of assistance than a friend who is in a pattern of one-night encounters.

If the date is successful, you can consult with your friends to move forward and ask for their pointers on writing the ideal text message to send after the date. What would you do if the date didn’t go well? They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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