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Once Exquisite Introductions has found the perfect match for you, the rest is on you. So, you’ve been successful in getting a perfect match for you. It’s been enough time since you two are talking, now what’s next? Well, now you’ve got to ask her out on a date. But before that you need to plan out everything perfectly because you don’t wanna blow everything up on your first date. Of all the things you need to plan out, the first and the foremost is your outfit because we all know;



Exquisite Introductions will help you in finding the person with similar interests as you, now you’ve to sweep your partner completely off of her feet and for that you need to plan your outfit very smartly. You don’t want to overdo anything or make it too casual. So, to help you find that mid- ground here we have picked out the outfit options that will work on your first date:

Dating outfit for men

    • White shirts – white shirts are to men what red lipstick is to women. White shirts give the idea that you really put a thought or two in your outfit. Women usually appreciate knowing that you put effort in dressing up for them
    • Oxford cloth button down (OCBD) shirts – this is something that you can never go wrong with. All of us are thankful for this piece of clothing owing to its versatility. Depending on the time of your date you can either go with lighter or duskier shades and also you can style it differently. In case of lunch date, you can leave the buttons open with e plain tee inside. However, for dinner dates you should go for darker colors and buttoned up to give that smoldering hot look *wink wink*
    • Leather jackets – if the weather allows, you should never miss the opportunity to don a leather jacket. This piece of clothing never fails to mesmerize women. Go for neutral colors; black, brown or darker shades of blue.
    • Jeans – if you’re planning a daytime date, then jeans is your go to option. However, ripped jeans are to be avoided.
    • Chinos – these are for bottoms what OCBD shirts are for tops. You can pair chinos easily with shirts, blazers and even tees. Chinos with blazers, however are sure to leave your date’s jaw dropped. Chinos look smarter than jeans as they have this natural vibe of cool casual look.
    • Shoes – your footwear has a major impact on your overall look. The footwear that goes well with the following outfits are:
  • Jeans – loafers, Derby shoes and Oxfords (for a more formal look)
  • Chinos – sneakers, boots or loafers
  • Jeans – boots, trainers or boat shoes with jeans will give you a more casual look
  1. Accessories – complete your look with a masculine piece of jewelry. In a survey, 48% of women have responded that the accessory they really like on men is watch. Putting on a watch really gives you that personality of a MAN. Once you’ve put on your watch make sure that you don’t show up late.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned choose whatever suits your person

ality the best. One of the most important thing to be observed is that BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOURSELF.

Men Accessories

Exquisite Introductions have helped many people find their person. Now, it’s your turn to

find the one made for you. Give some time deciding your outfit for your first impression to bring fruits to the efforts of exquisite introductions.

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How much is your service to join your network to be matched with paying  clients?  

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