Keeping it Real this Holiday Week

Keeping it Real this Holiday Week

October 2021

As we all burrow down in our homes, most of us wonder how unusual this year’s Holidays will be. For many of us, not attending worship services or enjoying meals with our friends and extended family this week will be a significant change. One of the significant drawbacks of today’s world is not spending time with loved ones near and far. However, there are numerous methods to be spiritually fit and engaged right now.

‘Face to face’ Meetings

Coming together for meals or digital dates via one of the numerous video conferencing systems is a great way to keep connected. Long phone conversations or writing a letter to your siblings, parents, or partner that you can’t visit right now are always options for meeting up and bonding.

Users’ satisfaction with video conferencing applications is skyrocketing as a result of their favorable experiences with them. Users are gradually growing more at ease when utilizing these apps with their friends and family. It’s helped them stay in touch with love interests and friends in a significant way.

Individuals are progressively developing into the concept of meeting face to face through their screens, from virtually cooking and eating a meal to catching up; meetings have become digital, and nothing less is expected for the forthcoming holidays. Hence, breaking bread with family and friends is expected to be via conferencing.

Spring Cleaning

Nature’s indications are telling us to nest as flowers bloom and birds chirp. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings. There are many ways we can open ourselves up to fresh opportunities for growth this Holiday week.  When we purge our closets and rooms of items, we barely use or don’t particularly enjoy, the world makes room for us to discover the things that bring us delight.

This week is also an excellent time to rethink our relationships with ourselves and others. In a healthy relationship, what do we desire and need? What steps can we take to become better versions of ourselves?  Better lovers, friends, siblings, parents, and children?  Taking a moment to explore and improve on these areas can help us maintain our sense of joy.

Personal Care

There are a few easy things we may do daily to maintain our emotional and spiritual balance.


Meditate. At first, keep it brief and straightforward. We can rid our minds of undesired thoughts by taking deep soothing breaths and turning inwardly. We make room for clear indications from a more profound point in our consciousness that is more enlightening, encouraging, and helpful when we quiet our minds.

Pray.   One of the most potent soul soothers has always been prayer. Even if we are unable to attend our regular places of worship this week, we may all celebrate and worship from the comfort of our own homes with our close families, or we can get on a video call with loved ones and spend the moment together.

Exercise. It only takes 20 minutes per day to make a significant difference. A little dose of vitamin D and fresh air from a brisk walk or run outside can completely change your perspective.

Let us rise to this unexpected challenge in a warrior-like manner that will not only benefit our society’s health but also transform each of us in a profound, meaningful, and positive way.

May everyone find a way to enjoy the holidays in any way they celebrate!

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