The 7 best things you can do to find love by an elite matchmaker

The 7 best things you can do to find love by an elite matchmaker

December 2022

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Even though the majority of us don’t go so far as to hire a real matchmaker in our search for love, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that if you’re looking for real, concrete advice on how to turn your luck around in the dating game, some of the best tips will come from professionals. If you’re looking for real, concrete advice on how to turn your luck around in the dating game, some of the best tips will come from professionals. In this day and time, there are a lot of people looking for a romantic partner.

Dating sucks. That is a proven fact. But in addition to that, it is frequently boring: How often does it feel like we are just going through the motions with a stranger that we opted to go for after giving it no more than three seconds of thought and swiping right on their profile?

First dates, in particular, can frequently feel scripted, with each party on the opposite sides of the table seemingly going through a checklist of questions to get to know the other person or, at the very least, ease the tension caused by the pervasive awkwardness that comes with the vulnerability that comes with “putting yourself out there” (What do you do?). Any siblings? Do you, uh, enjoy…music?) What if, however, there were some straightforward strategies that, in addition to alleviating the tension that always comes with the terrain of dating, would also develop deeper, more meaningful connections with the person who was fortunate enough to score a date with you?

Therefore, a leading matchmaker has come up with a list of the seven most useful things that one may do to improve their chances of finding love. You should start taking notes right now.

  • Be Open-Minded.

Sometimes we hear intelligent and accomplished single ladies reeling off a long list of the attributes they’re searching for in a spouse, such as someone tall, gorgeous, athletic, successful, ambitious, humorous, sweet, and comes from a wonderful family, etc… In addition, it’s not a terrible thing to have a clear idea of what aspects of a romantic partnership are most essential to you. On the other hand, it is only possible to manage and plan for things that could surprisingly go in your favor. The best method for having a wonderful time on a date is to be honest, and upbeat about the experience. Have another drink and concentrate on determining whether or if there is chemistry between you and your date, even if he turns out to be five inches shorter in person than he appeared in his photos. You may be astonished.

Don’t be afraid to give folks a second chance and broaden your dating horizons. Date people you ordinarily wouldn’t date, particularly if dating people of the same type have been unsuccessful. Your type may have shifted, and you’re not aware yet.

  • Let Go of Your Dating Past

Those who struggle to find love in the here and now also struggle to let go of the relationships they’ve had in the past. Our dating life makes imprints that are difficult to shake, and we are the sum of the experiences we’ve had. Keep your previous relationships in the past once you’ve decided to start dating again. This will help you avoid repeating the mistakes you made in the past. Although it is impossible to avoid accumulating baggage, the lessons you’ve learned or the terrifying experiences you’ve had do not serve as reliable indicators of the opportunities that lie ahead for you in the future. Focus on the here and now and the things that will bring you joy, and let go of the past.

best things you can do to find love by an elite matchmaker

Everyone has something or someone hanging over their head, whether it’s real or imagined. You have to get over your ex-boyfriend and that woman you went out with who never called you back in order to go on with your life. We tend to compare people we meet to the people in our exes’ files, and if you want to find a fantastic partner, you need to break the habit of sabotaging yourself by comparing new people to your exes. You have put someone on a pedestal, even though they have wronged you or never given you a chance, and this person does not deserve to be there. Because you found “your list” of persons who ended up not working out, you should get rid of your list.

  • Listen to Your Instincts

Doing this, in general, throughout life is a good idea, but you should pay attention to how helpful it can be when it comes to dating in particular. First, impulses, perceptions, and gut instincts should be acknowledged, but they should not be acted upon. It is important that we acknowledge these things as being personal since they tell us more about ourselves than they do about our date. For example, do you have the impression that the guy you’re seeing might be the kind of person who would ghost you? OK—valid (plenty of people do), but recognize that fear could be rooted in the experiences you’ve had in the past or even your own insecurities—so don’t go discarding your date just because he doesn’t seem like the type to commit just because he doesn’t seem like the type to commit. At least, not at this time. On the other hand, it is important to pay attention to your instincts all of the time, particularly when it comes to matters concerning your safety. Do NOT Ignore Any Warning Signs. Within the first one to two months of getting to know someone new, warning signs typically become readily apparent. They shouldn’t be ignored. Take caution. Consider whether or not you will be able to accept these warning signs for the rest of your life. In a general sense, people do not change, and these warning signs will not go away. Continue doing what you’re doing with an open mind and an open heart if you don’t feel uncomfortable with the warning signs. If this is not the issue here, then the warning signs won’t go away no matter how hot, sexy, fun, clever, fantastic in bed, or wealthy this person is. Thus it’s a good idea to back away from the situation.

  • Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable Silences

Conquering the awkwardness that is inescapable on a first date is essential to having a successful dating life, even though the phrase “becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable” sounds like a contradiction. There will always be some dynamic when you’re out on a date, but most of us aren’t aware of it because we don’t take control of our thoughts. Learn to be fully embrace  the moment, and if awkward silence does descend upon you, take a few sips from your beverage, maintain direct eye contact, and put on a smile. It’s not necessary for silence to be uncomfortable, and, to be perfectly honest, why should it be? Even if it’s only for a few seconds, pausing the action occasionally allows for a better opportunity to take everything in and think about it. The energy that each of us brings to the setting significantly impacts how the date will play out, and the more at ease each partner is, the more at ease the situation feels overall. This maneuver may get you a second date out of pure fascination, and even if it doesn’t, you’ll still have a much better time because you won’t be nervously counting your steps the whole time.

  • Don’t Dive in Too Fast.

You’ve probably already heard this, but take it from the experts: It is in your best interest to take things slowly when dating a new person, particularly if you want the relationship to lead someplace. When we are thrilled about the possibility of a new partner, it is easy for us to forget that creating a new relationship takes time. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to be patient. Therefore, if you are concerned that things are progressing too slowly or that one of you could still be seeing other people, resist the impulse to rush into a chat about defining the relationship too early. It can work against you in the end. If you and the person you’re dating are both plunging headfirst into things, keep in mind that if this is intended to go someplace, putting the brakes on a little bit won’t hinder your relationship from developing further.

The search for early “chemistry” might sometimes be an exceedingly restricting element. If you are attracted after a first date, give it a fair go to see if chemistry increases with getting to know each other. This initial draw is suggestive of lust, not even love, fifty percent of the time, so if you are interested, give it a fair shot.

  • Date Multiple People At Once

The best guidance I can provide to people still looking for love is to date as if you were competing on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. When you are in the beginning phases of dating, it is a good strategy to date several potential future partners simultaneously (this is, of course, before you define the relationship you have with one of them!). You can date more objectively when you date numerous people before committing to an exclusive relationship. This prevents you from investing all your hopes and expectations in one person and becoming emotionally connected to Mr. Wrong. You will be able to more clearly define the positive and negative aspects that your suitors possess, and you will be able to let your heart and head guide you as to which of your suitors you believe may provide you with what you are looking for in a more serious relationship.

best things you can do to find love by an elite matchmaker

Keep your options open, and don’t limit yourself. As a practice, individuals ought to make use of Bumble as well as other sites. Matchmakers are undeniably the superior choice, given that the screening process has already been carried out. It just takes one person, and you can never know where they will come from.

  • Stop Thinking About Your Soulmate

I believe that having a “soulmate” is counterproductive for singles. You need to get out more and interact with new people. Check out the outcomes of such interactions and the sentiments they evoke in you. Remember to take note of the qualities that you find attractive or unattractive in each of your dates. The process of locating your consort requires multiple attempts. Many times, we see people end up in happier relationships the more they learn about themselves and who they are compatible with by staying open. This is especially true when compared to people who cling to a fictitious ideal of someone they have crafted in their minds and refuse to let go of that ideal.

When you least expect it, love may find you in the most surprising places, with people you would never have guessed would be your perfect match. It would help if you didn’t let a laundry list of requirements stand in your pursuit of happiness.

Always remember that love travels in mysterious ways and always arrives when you least expect it. Convince yourself to the point of manic optimism that love WILL find you; the question is not IF it will happen, but WHEN. In the beginning stages of a relationship, butterflies are almost always a warning indication. Your instincts urge you to get out of there quickly because something is off (fear or anxiety), and they want you to leave. We commonly see the magic happen after date six, so give males who don’t have red flags several dates before you put them back into the pond. You need to establish a dating strategy that is exciting and doable, and then you need to take daily actions to achieve your goal of finding love.

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