[5 things to talk about on your first date]

[5 things to talk about on your first date]

August 2022

It’s normal to feel a little anxious before a first date. According to the findings of specific studies, it takes a mere seven seconds for someone to form an opinion about something. The following is a list of topics that can be discussed during this initial meeting to keep the conversation moving naturally.

Talking About Their Day

Think of this inquiry as a technique to get into what’s genuinely at the forefront of this person’s mind right now. When people are asked how their day or week is going, they will typically divulge a bit about what is keeping them preoccupied at the moment. This could include what issues they are now facing, what dreams they are actively pursuing, or what joys are currently lighting them up. It is helpful to make an effort to learn about the world as the other person is currently experiencing it in order to open the door to a genuine connection and get past the predetermined reactions. One excellent approach to tap into that is by inquiring about what is happening in the person’s life.

What Life Had Been Like As A Teen

It may seem strange to discuss your background on a first date, but in reality, it will give the other person a chance to get to know the real you and provide you with an opportunity to learn more about them. A lot can be inferred about any person by learning about their family, their history, and where they’ve come from, especially when trying to piece together how they arrived at this point in their life. Move away from the standard inquiry about your hometown and instead focus on how your childhood truly aided you in growing with each and everything you learned. Your ultimate objective should be to inquire about topics that set you apart from every other schlub that is now available. That will end up being the deciding factor in the long run.

Their Feelings About Their Jobs

The topic of their work will almost certainly arise naturally at some point throughout the course of the discussion. Discussing one’s job is a topic that has been covered to death, so if you are going to bring it up, you might as well go one step further. What exactly is it about the work that makes them so enthusiastic? What facets of their professional life do they feel are lacking excitement for them? In the years to come, what do they have hoped for, and what are their expectations? When they were younger, what did they imagine themselves doing for a living? If you approach them with a sense of curiosity, you may be able to turn simple queries into in-depth talks. These interactions will allow you to elicit the essence of who you are as a person rather than receiving a response that has been rehearsed.

Talk About Past Travel

Some people spend their whole lives harboring a secret desire to see the world, while others find it more appealing to remain close to their loved ones and to establish a permanent residence in the same location for their entire lives. Find out what your date prefers to do, whether it be coffee or drinks. This inquiry can also help you decide whether or not you are compatible with the other person. If both of you are interested in traveling, you may ask them whether they would rather have an outdoor excursion or visit a city instead.


What kind of people do you asssociate yourself with when you pursue your new interest? Who knows, maybe you and they share some mutual friends! When you look at a person’s circle of friends, you can learn a lot about that person. Your social circle tends to reflect your personality and might impact you even if you are unaware of its effects. People tend to cultivate friendships with those who have comparable interests, values, and points of view. Inquire about their closest pals and the activities that they enjoy participating in together. You should also pay attention to how they characterize their friends because speaking negatively about other people is almost always a warning sign. You’ll better understand the kinds of individuals they hang out with and the kinds of friends they are to other people as a result of this.

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