How Long Does it Take for a Man to get over a Divorce

How Long Does it Take for a Man to get over a Divorce

September 2021

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Divorce can happen for several reasons but how a person copes with this change determines how long they’ll take to move on. The experience of getting a divorce varies from person to person; for some, it can feel like a new beginning, and for others, it might feel like their world has ended. Although it might be difficult to believe, men struggle with divorce more than women. Furthermore, several research studies show that men who go through a divorce are more prone to substance abuse, weight gain, having heart problems, and mental health issues.

Reason Men Struggle More

Regardless of the reason for ending the marriage, feeling confused and hurt right after the divorce is normal, even if it was a mutual decision. This is because humans tend to experience grief upon losing something or someone. However, this process of overcoming loss can be difficult for men for various reasons. Initially, men tend to look at divorce more negatively than their ex-partners since they hold onto the marriage longer. In addition, it’s common for them to find emotional adjustment challenging due to the loss of intimacy as well as self-esteem. Moreover, men are less likely to win custody, which means having to cope with the limited time they’ll get to spend with their children.

The Duration for Moving On

According to the statistics, it takes an average of two years to move on after a divorce. However, the recovery duration can be different in each case depending upon the length of the marriage. Plus, men who mutually end the relationship with their ex may recover more quickly than those whose marriage ended on bad terms. Another important factor to note is that if you were in an abusive relationship, it might take a lot of time to heal from the trauma caused by it.

Factors that Influence Time of Recovery

The different challenges and circumstances a person faces post-divorce can impact the amount of time it takes to get over a divorce. Thus, several factors might determine how quickly you move on. The most common factors that divorce recovery may depend on are:

  • Whether your spouse’s decision of separation came as a surprise to you
  • How you view relationships
  • What your personality traits are
  • How high your income is since it allows more options for legal representation
  • How supportive your friends and family are
  • Whether you’re the one who initiated it
  • How resilient you are in difficult situations
  • Whether you have good coping skills
  • Whether you have to face them regularly or not, like having children together can prolong the healing process


Finally, when you end an important relationship, your brain may take time to deal with the loss. Therefore, it’s essential to give yourself permission and the space to heal without placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. Remember, each individual takes a unique time to heal, depending on the internal and external factors.

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