Guys Who Give Up On Dating

Guys Who Give Up On Dating

September 2021

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Considering the unrealistic expectations women have, it comes as no shock that guys are giving up on dating. This is because the social pressure makes men feel like they need to impress women to compete for their attention constantly. That’s why some men have decided that it’s preferable to stay single rather than deal with the hassle of making efforts.


We all know that one guy from our friend group or family who’s always saying, “Dating just isn’t my cup of tea” or “Who has time for relationships anyway?” However, the real reason behind all of this is that they’re tired of how women characterize and treat men. Thus, guys who give up on dating have a valid excuse for doing so.

Here are some of the reasons why dating is tough on some guys nowadays:

Got Heartbroken Once

Guys who give up on dating have most likely got their heart broken by someone they truly loved. Such men are kind, sweet, and dependable, but they’re taken for granted by girls who think these attributes are boring. They might have once put all their time and energy into a relationship, only to get betrayed or hurt at the end. So, they steer clear of “love and relationships”.

Don’t Understand Women

Most men have given up dating because women don’t directly communicate their needs and wants and expect men to interpret their hints and body language. Thus, indirect communication makes it difficult to perceive the actual message.

Don’t Get Noticed

Not everyone has the confidence of casually starting a conversation with their crush. Guys who are shy and introverted often find it hard to ask their crush out. Even after trying to get noticed, they get ignored by the girls they’re interested in. So, eventually, they stop trying and decide dating isn’t for them.

Aren’t Considered Unique

Single men have grown tired of being titled as the “same” as every other man. Most women put guys into this false box without considering that each man is unique, having different values, interests, goals, and views on life. Since women keep giving generalized statements like “All men are the same”, it discourages men from approaching women.

Got Traumatized in the Past

Some men might have previously been in a toxic relationship with an abusive partner. Being mistreated and having a traumatic experience makes them stay as far away from the dating scene as possible.

Get Titled as Immature

Although it’s true that men’s brains take longer to develop than women’s, girls assume that men are immature and incapable of acting like adults. Thus, being thought of as irresponsible and childish makes most men give up on women.

Get Distracted by Dating

When it comes to making plans and going out on dates, men are expected to pay for everything. Thus, for a career-driven man saving up for his future, this can prove to be an obstacle in achieving his dreams. Especially since relationships always take a fair amount of effort, some men think dating is not worth the time or money.

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