What is Second Base in Dating

What is Second Base in Dating

September 2021

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If you’re wondering what the second base in dating is, you probably know how the four bases are used as a metaphor for physical intimacy with someone, and the fourth base (home base) is sex. Most people agree that the first base includes kissing or making out. However, defining the second and third bases gets complicated. So, if you’re also wondering, “What does second base mean, anyway?” then keep reading.


Since there are only four bases, getting to second base is considered a big deal in baseball because the possibility of hitting the home base is higher than it was in the first. Similarly, in a sexual context, the second base is a big step for a couple as it means going from innocent kissing to more sensual touching.


By definition, second base means fondling breasts over or under the clothing and groping butts. It is also defined as “heavy petting,” which ranges from breast massage to fingering or handjob. This means touching your partner anywhere on the body. Moreover, people divide this base into “major” and “minor” leagues. The difference between the two is that minor league only involves feeling or touching chests while major means masturbating one’s partner. Additionally, it’s also unclear where the major league fits in, since most people consider it a part of the third base.


This base is a natural progression from pecking or making out as your hands begin to move around your partner’s body, and the skin-to-skin action also increases. The intimacy between both people starts to grow, and with the mood building up, the quality of the sexual encounter starts becoming better. It’s essential to communicate your needs to figure out the pace and connection between you and your partner and find out whether you’re comfortable with each other or not.


The intensity of desire starts spreading to the entire body as you sensually touch each other around different erogenous zones. These areas are extra sensitive to touch as they contain a huge number of nerve endings. The most common ones are lips, ears, neck, chest, nipples, or butt. However, your partner may have a personal preference for getting touched on unexpected areas like their inner thighs or the inside of their wrists. This way, you learn about the areas that please your partner as you continue to connect physically and romantically at a deeper level.


If you spend more time on this base, you’ll get a better understanding of your partner’s desires and the body parts they’re not confident in. They might practice compartmentalization which means allowing you to touch them in some areas while ignoring others. Therefore, if you move at a slow pace while tracing your hands on the body parts your partner is insecure about, like their belly or thighs, it may help them accept their imperfections and feel more confident about those places. Consequently, you notice the way their body reacts to your touch and discover their personal erogenous zones.

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