How to Get Over a Divorce You Didn’t Want

How to Get Over a Divorce You Didn’t Want

September 2021

Welcome to the topic “How to Get Over a Divorce You Didn’t Want.”

Getting a divorce can be a devastating experience and coping with it can be extremely difficult. When you’ve spent a significant portion of your life with someone, separation means a change that you weren’t prepared for. It’s not unusual to feel depressed and have self-critical thoughts, especially if you’re not the one who wanted the divorce. You might keep ruminating about what went wrong as you try to make sense of things. Additionally, moving on can be challenging as you might start missing your significant other immediately.

Here are a few tips on ways to get over your unwanted divorce:

Accept Your Emotions

It’s important to remember that your feelings are valid and you can’t escape your emotions even if you want to. Give yourself time to process the heartbreak and loss you’ve experienced. You might be feeling regret and thinking of things you could’ve done differently. These thoughts are a part of grieving but to move forward, you will need to stop dwelling on the past.

Cultivate Supportive Relationships

Having a support system can help you through this transition. No one can truly understand the experience of divorce until they’ve been through it themselves. So, your friends and family might not understand the depth of your pain. However, being surrounded by well-meaning friends and an understanding family throughout the process might lessen your suffering.

Remember and Re-discover Yourself

The process of healing involves letting go and moving forward with your life. It’s common to lose yourself in the relationship you were in. Remind yourself who you were before your partner came along. Now that you have the freedom to explore yourself, try to learn new things that bring you joy. Spend your time doing activities that interest you which you couldn’t pursue earlier.

Acknowledge the Reality of Separation

The process of growing old teaches you that nothing is permanent and all relationships come to an end. To make peace with the fact that you’ve gotten a divorce, try to acknowledge that it’s a part of life however painful it may be. It doesn’t mean that you’re inadequate or unworthy of love.

Allow the Thought of Finding Someone New

Divorce doesn’t mean that your life has ended rather that a new chapter of your life has begun. You should be open to the possibility of finding someone new. It might seem impossible right now, but as more time passes remind yourself that you will eventually heal. However, jumping into a new relationship right after the previous one ends is an unhealthy way to fill the empty void. Give yourself time to understand the role you played in the end of your marriage and work through those issues before getting involved with someone else so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Parenting Doesn’t Stop

It’s easy to get lost in the whole process of losing your partner and trying to get your life together afterwards. But if you had kids with your ex, you cannot stop being a parent to them. A part of being a good parent is teaching your children how to cope with changes and overcome difficult times. So, use this as a motivation to embrace the transition and help them deal with the separation of their parents as well.

These tips might not lessen the pain that you’re currently feeling but they can help you move on more quickly and gracefully.

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