How to Ask for Divorce

How to Ask for Divorce

September 2021

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At the start of your marriage, you might have thought that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re tying the knot with. However, now you may be thinking of asking for a divorce from your partner due to mistrust, unhappiness, unfaithfulness, or dysfunction. Regardless of how difficult the divorce conversation can be, officially ending your relationship is a step you need to take, to move on to the next chapter in your life. You might be afraid and worried about how you can bring up the topic before your spouse. Thus, if you approach the subject in the right way, you can avoid a messy breakup.

Here’s how you should ask for a divorce from your spouse:

Prepare Yourself

It’s expected for your spouse to react negatively when you tell them that you want a divorce. Every relationship is different, but having spent some years together, you might be aware of how your spouse will react and where they are emotionally. Since you’re the one who’s initiating the divorce, you can be better prepared for how you want to approach the topic. Thus, plan what you’re going to say, try to have the discussion in a quiet and private place, and make sure your children aren’t around. After peacefully stating the reasons for getting a divorce, let your spouse express their emotions and feelings.

Decide on a Plan Together

After the conversation has taken place, you and your partner might be feeling a whirlwind of emotions. You both might still care about each other even though things aren’t working out. So, to have an amicable separation, it’s essential to collectively develop a plan of action and decide how you want things to end. Thus, after you’ve both had the time to process this major decision, discuss and work out the finer details that are involved in a divorce. For instance, if you have children together, talk about how this divorce will affect them and what is the right way to move forward. Remember, there will be lots of things you’ll need to settle, so it’s better if you plan everything as a team.

Seek Help from a Therapist

Contrary to popular belief, therapy is not just for couples who want to save their marriage by working on problems. If you’re going through a separation, you can consult a counselor or therapist specializing in divorce. Going to therapy can help you two gain the clarity required to work through all the emotions by expressing feelings without any bias. There’s no reason to feel ashamed for seeking professional help to deal with this traumatic experience that might have taken a toll on your mental well-being.


Understand that this process can take quite some time. Thus, the course of action you take can play a significant role in how the relationship ends. If you go through a painful and messy seperation, it could cost you to lose child custody or marital assets.

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