Why is Dating so Hard?

Why is Dating so Hard?

October 2021

No matter how easy those rom-coms make it look, dating can be complicated. Since no one relationship is identical to the other, it can be hard to navigate the world of dating. So much of people’s time is spent searching for a partner that matches their criteria of an ideal companion. Especially in today’s age of dating apps, the whole process of meeting someone has become incredibly easy, but finding the person who is right for you has turned into a challenge.

The reason why dating can seem to be so difficult is because of:

The Media Portraying a Perfect Image of Love

The picture of love that books, television, movies, and other media, especially social media, paints is far from reality. They make us believe that upon meeting the “perfect” person, you’ll feel an intense spark from the very start. From reading and hearing all those cheesy quotes, our minds get conditioned to expect perfection. In today’s culture, having fun is prioritized more than committing to a single person. So, after the butterflies are gone, and the daily routine sets in, people get bored and start looking for someone new.

The Fear of Dating

It’s normal for people to feel a lot of pressure internally when trying to date someone. Putting yourself out there and looking for somebody is a vulnerable position to be in since it also involves the possibility of rejection. Although it’s okay to feel nervous on a date, but when people constantly focus on small details, they aren’t able to easily connect with the person sitting in front of them. Plus, most people steer clear of dating because they’re afraid of getting hurt or choosing the wrong option.

Hookup Culture Causing Ambiguity

Nowadays, casual dating has become the norm. To maintain a relationship, both parties need to invest the time and energy that is required. However, like in most domains of life, people seem to run away from responsibilities in their love life as well. Especially teenagers look for acquiring the perks of a relationship without having to put in the effort and commitment. Most people prefer hooking up with someone since it means not giving labels and still getting the physical benefits. This culture creates ambiguity and confusion at times if both parties have not decided or clearly defined what their relationship means.

How Technology has Altered Communication

In this digital age of cellphones and the internet, communication isn’t the same as it used to be. Even though texting makes it easier to stay connected, it takes the emotion out of the conversation. Moreover, you cannot completely judge the other person’s personality based on their online persona. This often leads to trust issues, and the intensity of the connection isn’t the same.


Thus, modern-day dating can be difficult because of how things have evolved over the past few decades. People have trust and commitment issues which they got from past negative experiences. This makes it hard to find someone with the same emotional availability and willingness to make efforts as you.

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