What are the Bases in Dating

What are the Bases in Dating

September 2021

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There are a lot of lingos and terminologies used when it comes to relationships and dating. You might’ve heard the phrase “bases,” in which people measure their relationship. This term is a baseball metaphor used to describe how far you’ve gone in being physically intimate with someone. To understand these euphemisms, you need to know about the basics of the sport of baseball if you don’t already.

Basics of Baseball

If you’ve never played or watched baseball, it can be complicated to understand. However, instead of getting into the details of the game, you just need to know where the bases come into play.

The pitcher throws the ball up at the batter, whose job is to hit the ball as far as possible. There are three bases and a home plate, and points are scored by making runs around these bases and returning to the home plate. If the pitcher successfully makes it back to the home plate, it’s called a home run, and the team wins. It’s unclear how this analogy of bases became intertwined with the physical involvement with someone, but it dates pretty far back.


The definitions of these bases are not fixed and are mostly up to interpretation, but there is a general understanding of each:

First Base

The starting point of a physical relationship is the most innocent of the romantic actions, that is, kissing. While this can include only mild kissing, it usually means French kissing or making out. First base is a pivotal moment since most people gauge their physical chemistry based on it.

Second Base

The first base leads up to meaningful touches and entering into a more sensual territory. The second base involves intimately petting above the waist or groping the butt. It includes touching or fondling areas like the chest or nipples, either above or below the clothing. It may also involve stroking or sensually touching the erogenous zones like ears, lips, or breasts.

Third Base

The third base marks the entrance into a new territory. It can be vague for most people but mainly involves stimulation below the waist. It involves direct contact with genitals and pertains to touching or feeling the penis, clitoris, testicles, or even fingering the vagina. Oral stimulation, more commonly known as oral sex, is also considered a part of the third base. This leads to the final stop of reaching home base.

Fourth Base

The fourth base, known as the home run or home base, is the most universal of all the bases. Since it only means one thing, and that is sexual intercourse. Like in baseball, the objective is to reach the home plate. Similarly, in a physical relationship, penetrative sex is the ultimate form of sexual intimacy. It is defined as the act of genital interaction.


Now that you’ve understood how these bases are used as a code to talk about sexual experiences. It’s really important to ensure that you’re comfortable with each other before moving onto each stage and keep in mind to communicate before progressing into the final base.

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