Why Dating Sucks

Why Dating Sucks

September 2021

Welcome to the topic “Why Dating Sucks.”

Even though it has become easier than ever to meet potential partners, somehow dating has become just as problematic. For a single person trying to find someone they can be with, the whole dating process can be confusing and tiring. Plus, the shift that has occurred due to technology and the internet has made it even worse.

Here are a few reasons why dating sucks:

Meeting People

In today’s modern dating world, mostly everyone relies on the internet to meet someone they can hang out with. Even if your friend introduces you to someone, the first thing you’ll do is stalk them on social media. Due to this, people have become pickier in choosing who they want to date. Plus, the swipe feature on popular dating apps like Tinder or Bumble is appealing to the youth as they can instantly connect with a suitable match. They only swipe profiles that seem perfect to them.

Awkward First Dates

The first date with someone can usually be a little uncomfortable since you both barely know each other. This could get even worse if you both have nothing in common to talk about. Moreover, most people feel anxious because they’re trying to anticipate what might happen next. This makes it even more difficult to enjoy and have a fun time.

Everyone Settles for Low-Effort

Another reason why dating just isn’t the same anymore is that no one wants to put in the effort, which makes it incredibly dull. It has become normal for people to search for a physical connection instead of an emotional one. That is why people now have low standards, and settle for anyone who is available. Additionally, everyone seems to run away from commitment these days and is only looking to “hook up”.

Playing Mind Games

The most frustrating part of dating is that most of the time, people are playing mind games. We have overcomplicated the smallest of things because everyone wants to appear effortless. Thus, people overthink about sending a text so many times before they can finally press “send”. Moreover, many people try to play hard to get and send mixed signals because they don’t want to look ‘too eager’. These head games are especially common in the initial phases of dating since both individuals are unsure about where the relationship is headed.

Moving On

Since most people don’t give themselves time to heal from a breakup and try to jump right into a new relationship, they can still be hung up on their ex even if they start dating someone new. This can make dating even more complicated, especially if the other person was genuinely looking for something serious. Thus, the new relationship will be off to a bad start since one person hasn’t moved on from their previous one.


Navigating the dating world can be weird and complicated, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Even though you might have to date a ton of other people until you actually find a decent person you can be with. It’s still quite possible for you to meet your better half. Thus, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Always remember to choose someone that makes you happy.

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