When God Leads You to Divorce

When God Leads You to Divorce

September 2021

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Religious people believe in God’s will and the fact that whatever happens in their life is predestined. So, there might be many instances when you think God redirected your life so that you would make this decision. Similarly, if you make the mistake of committing a sin, your mind may justify it by imagining that it was God’s hand at work. However, even though God has power over your life, there are some things that you absolutely cannot do in His name.


If your relationship has failed, and you’re thinking of getting a divorce, you might assume that it is God who led you to this decision. You need to realize that it’s wrong to have this mindset since humans will be held accountable for their own actions, which they take against the scripture. As a wife or a husband, you’re instructed to follow the principles set forth by God to keep your Holy union happy and healthy. Although humans are bound to falter, some mistakes can end your marriage, and you’ll be the only one responsible.


Here are some of the changes that God will not make in your marriage:

God Will Not Lead You to be Unfaithful

When you meet someone you like while being unhappy in your marriage, you might start spending more time with that person instead of going home to your spouse. Since this will lead to heartfelt conversations and exchange of compliments, it’s obvious you’ll develop feelings for them. At this point, you may start having doubts about staying in your current relationship. Consequently, these romantic emotions will result in thoughts like “Maybe I’m meant to be with this person.” or “God has made us cross paths and wants us to be together.” These thoughts are completely false since God would never provide you with an opportunity that can shatter your relationship.

God Will Not Cause Distance

Maybe at the start of your marriage, you and your spouse shared the same dreams, views, and perspectives on life, but now one of you has changed. It’s possible that you have grown to be more religious over the years while your partner has not. Due to this difference in the levels of spirituality, your bond might not be the same. While it’s essential to be on the same page as your partner, divorce is not the answer in case differences or difficulties arise.


Since God is not in favor of a marriage ending, He is not the one who has caused this strife. However, the Lord doesn’t condone this act and forgives someone who has suffered from divorce. Additionally, He can also heal the person who has gone through a separation, but He’s definitely not the one who caused it.


God loves you and wants you to have a spouse that treats you right and commands you to treat your spouse the way they deserve to be treated. Moreover, He wants you to grow your relationship with Him while also strengthening your marital ties. So, while the Lord does not cause your relationship to fail, He can answer your prayers and heal your broken marriage.

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