A matchmaker’s [top 7 tips] for women considering a professional

A matchmaker’s [top 7 tips] for women considering a professional

August 2022

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Be ready to say yes

You should be ready to say yes, yes, and yes when the exciting day arrives and the matchmaker calls you with the first date she set for you. The answer you provide to most of the potential dates offered by your matchmaker ought to be yes unless the date contains one of your deal-breakers. Again, keep in mind that the matchmaker is working to find a suitable partner for her client and that she has probably already expended a good deal of effort in this direction before contacting you. Always strive to be pleasant, enthusiastic, and easy to collaborate with.

Stay Up to date at all times.

Matchmaking is a process that might take time, just like everything else that is worthwhile to perform. After all, the topic at hand is discovering love and making a commitment that will last a lifetime! To begin, you will need to demonstrate your dedication to the process of pairing. One way to achieve this is by maintaining consistent communication with your matchmaker. Make sure that she is aware of any significant developments, experiences, or successes that would be of interest to possible dates and that you have informed her of these.

Avoid talking about the past.

If you continue seeing each other, there will be plenty of time for you to learn about the history of a potential mate, but, the present and the future of the person you are interested in should be your primary concern in the first stages of the relationship. She proposes that as far as possible, both the questions and the discourse be kept in the present and future tenses.


Former relations are off-topic.

You should never talk about former relationships for more than a short sound clip that is 45 seconds long because you never want to get into quicksand territory. If you find yourself sliding down this slope, instantly project yourself forward, kick yourself under the table, and bite your tongue.

Be optimistic

Going on a date without preconceived notions or ideas about what might occur is the single most crucial choice a woman can make in relation to dating. This will bring about a significant shift in the dynamic of the evening. It is not something that can be taught to another person; rather, in order to do it, you need to have your own personal conviction about the matter. It is not a question of choosing between the two.

Channel yourself to be kind

It is vital to have good manners; at the end of the day, the golden rule should be followed no matter what: treat others the way you would like to be treated. A person who is good at dating is someone who acts in a way that is consistent with being a decent person. Everyone adores you, everyone wishes they could spend time with you, and even those who can’t do any of those things desperately want to be your friend.

Establish a power play

A “power play” tactic would be to open up about yourself first and then volley back by asking your date the same question that you just revealed about yourself. This would give you the upper hand in the conversation. For instance, if you’ve been divorced before, it’s almost certain that you’ll bring up the topic on the first few dates you go on after meeting someone new. You may really flip the whole situation on its head and bring up the subject of your relationship history before they question you about it by doing so. This is known as “broaching the subject before they ask.”

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