How to find a professional matchmaker in New York

How to find a professional matchmaker in New York

March 2022

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Matchmaking is the practice of connecting two individuals who are highly compatible in every way, from physical attributes to personality traits, hoping to start a long-term relationship. 

Matchmaking services exist in a variety of flavors, ranging from high-end dating agencies to franchised businesses to conventional matchmakers operating a boutique service. You’ll discover a broad range of charges, and the pairing procedure might also differ. 

When it comes to locating suitable local people who are right for you, some matchmakers check a small list of names of possible matches, while others are more current and inventive. 

Hiring a professional matchmaker like Exquisite Introductions is one of the finest methods to locate your perfect spouse. Still, if you’re reading this, you’re smart enough to realize that some preliminary research is necessary. And you’ve arrived at the right place! 

But how can you locate a professional matchmaker in New York? You should concentrate on the following critical elements. 

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Examine Online Reviews 

Reading reviews is an excellent starting point. You want to be sure you’re not just dealing with a respectable organization but also that you’re finding the ideal match for you. 

Keep online reviews in context. You’re surely aware that individuals are considerably more inclined to post anything worse than to take the time out of their busy day to write something good. 

Inquire About Pricing 

The bulk of matching firms does not publish their prices on the internet. 

However, trustworthy businesses are often forthright about the real figures. If you can’t obtain a clear answer about how much you should anticipate spending during your appointment, that’s usually a warning sign. 


Your personal information, as well as your images, should not be available online. Even if your matchmaker obtains your data, it should provide you with privacy, which is critical when dealing with family members, coworkers, or customers. 


It goes without saying that you should not be concerned about the individuals you will be dating. All profiles created by the dating service should be thoroughly vetted. 

Exceptional services 

Your matching service will not be cheap; therefore, you must be certain that it is worthwhile to spend. Exquisite Introductions can provide you with a far more enjoyable service that will enable you to enjoy the whole process. 


Exquisite Introductions has the biggest database of suitable individuals because of our contemporary approach to matching. 

We also take a collaborative approach to matching. You’ll benefit from having a single point of contact while a whole team of professionals works behind the scenes to identify your perfect mate. 

You make the decisions with Exquisite Introductions. You only meet individuals you’re attracted to and interested in. 

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