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The Art of Exquisite Introductions Matchmaking Experience

Helping our clients through of all stages of relationships, our mission is to be dedicated to helping our members find quality introductions. We ensure that all our clients information remains completely confidential. We have made many successful matches, that were out of client’s preferred criteria. Although we’ve had a vast number of testimonials, positive feedback, and success stories, our clients usually prefer to remain anonymous. The most exclusive and preferred professional matchmaking service in the industry, Exquisite Introductions’ proven track record of lasting matches has resulted in a sterling reputation with thousands of very satisfied clients.

Mike A.

I’m really happy with my marriage, we have been together for three years now and couldn’t be more in love. We just recently got married with the help of Exquisite Introductions concierge services. It’s easy to make your dreams a reality with them, we are so happy and excited to spend our lives together! Thank you, Maria, for such a wonderful service and care!

Lexi T.

I thought I was going to meet someone in a couple of weeks, but Maria found a partner so fast I was very surprised. Maria matched me with a man who is amazing, he really makes my dreams become a reality. I believe there is a person for everyone, and I found a partner that I can see myself with forever. We believe if you put your mind to find love you will find it, over time we have built a strong relationship, connection and everlasting love.

Rossi T.

Exquisite Introductions has a very talented team, I have met someone truly fantastic! Jack is great in every aspect; he’s so loving and caring. The first time we met it really felt like there were fireworks going on in the background, I felt such a strong connection and fell in love with him! We’re so grateful to the Exquisite Introductions team. They have really changed my life; we’ve been dating for two years, I decided to move to Miami with him from LA and now we’re happily married. You never know where you are going to find your partner, I was thinking long distance was not for me, but I feel that it made our relationship stronger. Thank you, Maria and your fantastic team at Exquisite Introductions for making this possible for us!

Success Stories

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There was an enticing advertisement in a magazine for a matchmaking service called Exquisite Introductions. I did some research on them and read their wonderful reviews, since I was single and was looking for a relationship, I called them and ultimately hired them. I spoke with Maria (owner and founder of Exquisite Introductions) and Dr. Henry (psychologist for Exquisite Introductions) and found them to be quite pleasant and very professional about their business and helping me find romance. Their service is both customized to my desires and confidential, I ended up meeting and married a beautiful and intelligent woman. It was well worth it to me and my relationship to hire them.

Matt S. - Private Equity, San Diego, CA
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I came from Canada to LA for my best friend's wedding. He met his wife through Exquisite Introductions, she is absolutely gorgeous and he is as happy as I've ever seen him. I asked him to help me out and he arranged an introductions with this matchmaking agency. I had never used a matchmaking agency before (and the results showed!). I had been single for many years until I signed up with Exquisite Introductions, with their help I have found my fiancé and we are going to take advantage of their seamless concierge service for our wedding and honeymoon plans.

Mike C. Investor, Canada

I’m a busy professional with a grueling schedule and although I sought out relationships in the past, I never had enough time to fully evaluate who I was dating. Like most professionals, I felt hiring someone to evaluate my social life would be a positive step in finding a lasting relationship. Thank God I found Exquisite Introductions! They listened to my relationship desires and evaluated potential matches before ultimately introducing me to my ideal woman. We are happily married and she is an amazing woman! Thanks again to Exquisite Introductions.

Matt F. Real Estate Agent, Miami, FL

I first heard about Exquisite Introductions from my friends who were very positive about their experiences with them, I was single at that and decided to try them out. They were very professional with me and never pushed any of their clients to date, they always showed me the profiles of potential matches and gave me the opportunity to meet them. I fell in love with a professional man who was the CEO of his own company with the help of Exquisite Introductions. We have since moved in together after he proposed to me in Paris!

Linda P. Psychologist, Chicago, IL
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The beginning of February all the stores were selling stuff for Valentine’s Day, that made me feel quite sad and alone. Rather than mope around, I decided to take matters into my own hands and reached out to Exquisite Introductions. They were not only professional and efficient; they were sensitive to my wants and desires regarding a relationship. I feel so fortunate to have hired them! They actually were able to introduce me to a woman, our first date was on Valentine's Day and we are happily engaged.

Steve G. Loan Officer, San Francisco, CA