Top Sports Rich Men Enjoy And Why!

Top Sports Rich Men Enjoy And Why!

July 2023

Sports have always been a universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together.

While sports enthusiasts come from all walks of life, there are certain sports that have gained popularity among affluent individuals.

In this blog, our experts will discuss the passions of high net-worth individuals and luxury dating here at Exquisite Introductions, we’ll delve into sports that rich men often find themselves drawn to.

From the sophisticated greens of golf courses to the adrenaline-pumping world of motorsports, let’s explore the sporting passions of the wealthy!

Let’s get the mini answer first before we get into some details.

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Sailing/yachting
  • Polo
  • Motorsports
  • Equestrian sports
  • Skiing
  • Hunting/shooting
  • Fencing
  • Squash
  • Formula 1 yachting
  • Flying (private jets, helicopters)
  • Luxury car racing
  • Water sports (jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding)
  • Rugby and cricket
  • Equestrian endurance riding
  • Boxing
  • Basketball (owning or investing in professional teams)
  • Martial arts

Ok so with a takeaway in place, let’s start looking a little more deeply into these luxury sports and why they are so attractive to high-net-worth individuals.


Golf, often associated with the upper class, tops the list of sports enjoyed by affluent individuals.

With its meticulously manicured courses, exclusive country clubs, and networking opportunities, golf is a sport that combines leisure and business.


Tennis, known for its grace and elegance, is another sport favored by the wealthy.

Private clubs and high-profile tournaments offer an exclusive environment for players and spectators to indulge in this beloved sport.


The allure of the open sea and the freedom of sailing have long captivated the hearts of affluent individuals.

Owning luxury yachts, participating in regattas, and exploring remote destinations are experiences that resonate with those who appreciate the finer things in life.


Polo, often referred to as the “sport of kings,” exudes an air of exclusivity and prestige.

The game requires skilled horsemanship and significant investments in horses, equipment, and access to polo clubs.


The thrill of speed, precision engineering, and the glamour of the racing world make motorsports a favorite among wealthy individuals.

From Formula 1 racing to owning luxury cars and investing in racing teams, the high-octane world of motorsports holds a magnetic appeal.

Equestrian Sports

Equestrian sports, including horseback riding, show jumping, and dressage, captivate the hearts of many affluent individuals.

The commitment to horse ownership, training, and participation in prestigious equestrian events represents a significant investment.


For those seeking both adventure and luxury, skiing in exclusive resorts or heli-skiing in remote locations is a cherished winter pursuit among the wealthy.

The combination of breathtaking landscapes and first-class amenities is irresistible.

Hunting and Shooting Sports

The thrill of the hunt and the art of marksmanship resonate with many affluent individuals.

Game hunting, clay pigeon shooting, and skeet shooting are pursuits that often require access to exclusive hunting grounds and high-quality equipment.


Fencing, with its rich history and elegant style, is a sport that has long been associated with the upper class.

The combination of athleticism, finesse, and the requirement of specialized equipment make it appealing to affluent individuals.


Squash, a fast-paced racket sport, is enjoyed by many affluent individuals.

The sport’s exclusivity, often played in private clubs and prestigious facilities, appeals to those seeking competitive challenges and networking opportunities.

Formula 1 Yachting

The fusion of yacht racing and the prestige of Formula 1 creates a thrilling experience for affluent yacht owners.

The high-performance yachts competing in high-profile regattas attract wealthy individuals with a passion for both yachting and motorsports.


The skies hold a particular fascination for affluent individuals with a thirst for adventure.

Private jet ownership, helicopter tours, and even piloting their own aircraft allow these individuals to embrace a sense of freedom and luxury.

Luxury Car Racing

For wealthy car enthusiasts, participating in exclusive racing events and rallies is an opportunity to showcase their high-end car collections.

Luxury car racing combines the thrill of speed with the glamour of luxury vehicles.

Water Sports

Water sports such as jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding offer exhilarating experiences for those who enjoy the water.

Affluent individuals with access to waterfront properties or luxury beach resorts often indulge in these activities.

Rugby and Cricket

In certain regions like the UK, rugby, and cricket have long-standing traditions and associations with private clubs and affluent circles.

These sports offer social opportunities and a sense of exclusivity.

Equestrian Endurance Riding

Endurance riding, demanding long-distance races over challenging terrains, attracts affluent equestrians.

The sport necessitates well-trained horses, dedicated trainers, and proper equipment, making it an exclusive pursuit.


While boxing may not be exclusively enjoyed by the wealthy, it has a history of captivating the attention of affluent individuals.

The sport’s finesse, training regimens, and high-profile matches often captivate the interest of the rich and famous.


For affluent individuals passionate about sports ownership, basketball offers an avenue for investment.

Owning or investing in professional basketball teams allows these individuals to combine their love for the sport with business opportunities

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA has grown in popularity in recent years and has attracted interest from a wide range of individuals, including affluent enthusiasts.

The dynamic nature of the sport and its appeal to both athletes and spectators have contributed to its rise in popularity.

So now we’ve seen the wealth of sporting activities that might attract wealthy men, let’s find out a few reasons why.

Why rich men are attracted to certain sports

Rich men, like individuals from all walks of life, have varied reasons for their interest in sports.

Here are some factors that contribute to why many wealthy individuals enjoy sports:


  • Leisure and Entertainment: Sports offer a form of leisure and entertainment that allows rich men to unwind and enjoy themselves. Engaging in or watching sports can provide a break from their busy schedules and the demands of their professional lives.


  • Networking and Socializing: Sports provide rich men with opportunities to network and socialize with like-minded individuals. Whether it’s playing a round of golf, attending sporting events, or joining exclusive sports clubs, these activities create environments where connections can be forged and business relationships can be nurtured.


  • Lifestyle and Status: Participating in certain sports can align with a luxurious lifestyle and status symbols. Sports like golf, yachting, and polo are often associated with affluence and exclusivity. By engaging in these sports, rich men can express their wealth and social standing.


  • Health and Fitness: Many wealthy individuals prioritize their physical well-being and recognize the importance of staying fit. Sports provide an avenue for exercise, competition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in sports can also be seen as a way to display discipline and dedication to personal health.


  • Passion and Interest: Just like anyone else, rich men have their own passions and interests. Sports can be a genuine source of enjoyment and excitement. Many affluent individuals have grown up playing or watching sports and develop a lifelong attachment to certain activities.


  • Challenge and Competition: Sports often involve challenges and competition, which can be appealing to individuals who thrive on achieving goals and pushing their limits. The pursuit of excellence, the thrill of victory, and the drive to continually improve can be motivating factors for wealthy individuals who enjoy sports.


  • Access and Opportunities: Wealth can provide access to exclusive sports facilities, events, and experiences that are not readily available to everyone. Rich men may take advantage of their financial resources to gain entry into prestigious clubs, secure VIP access to sporting events, or even invest in sports teams or sponsorship opportunities.


  • Tradition and Culture: Some sports have a long-standing tradition and cultural significance that resonates with affluent individuals. By participating in these sports, they can connect with historical legacies, uphold traditions, and be part of a larger narrative.

Top Sports That Rich Men Like and Why – To end on

While these sports have long gained popularity among the elite, it’s essential to remember that personal interests and preferences vary widely.

Sports have a unique way of bringing people together, regardless of background or wealth, and the enjoyment of these activities should be accessible to all who share a passion for them.

If you are a wealthy individual looking to play your favorite sport with a like-minded partner, then discover more about our VIP membership experience.

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