What is Dating?

What is Dating?

September 2021

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Dating generally means the romantic involvement between two individuals to assess each other’s suitability as a prospective partner for a more serious relationship or marriage. However, nowadays, the word dating means many things which has made it ambiguous and, thus, complicated to define. Different people use different phrases for this kind of togetherness such as, ‘going out’, ‘seeing someone’, or ‘having a thing’.


In the initial stage of dating, both people enjoy each other’s company but might not be sure about the future or their feelings for each other. This could either lead to them being in a committed relationship or simply parting ways because it didn’t work out between the two. Despite the possibility of heartbreak, many people prefer to date before starting a serious relationship. Apart from the purpose of getting to know each other, people also date for enjoyment.


Even though ‘dating’ is typically part of Western culture, it has gained popularity all over the world in recent years. Additionally, online dating has made it easier for people to connect even if they’re many miles apart. It all comes down to whether you’re interested in seeing if there’s a future or not, yet this whole process doesn’t guarantee exclusivity. More importantly, intentions play a significant role in dating. How you define your relationship depends on what you expect from it. Either the individuals might just be interested in hooking up and having a fun time, or they might have the goal of establishing a more serious and dedicated relationship.


The whole dating process involves different phases, and it’s essential to fully experience and process each phase since they provide an opportunity for personal growth or allow to make a healthy evaluation of where the relationship is headed.

Phase 1

The first phase is one in which both parties get to know each other. It can also be called the ‘zero commitment phase’ as both individuals are free to date other people as well. In addition, the physical contact at this stage is often limited.

Phase 2

During this phase, the element of attraction between the couple rises, with them preferring to spend more time with each other. This means more communication and physical contact.

Phase 3

This stage marks the beginning of a solid relationship. One that is followed by introduction to friends and family, using labels and being identified as a couple by others. This honeymoon phase involves being more romantic to your partner and making efforts to spend more quality time together.

Phase 4

In the fourth stage of dating, couples accept each other’s flaws and decide to look past them with the decision to commit to each other. This commitment phase is accompanied by emotional intimacy as both partners share their dreams with each other and try to align their goals with that of their partner’s.

Phase 5

If the couple has made it to the final stage of dating, it means they’ve ultimately decided to pledge a lifelong commitment to each other. Thus, they take things to the next level through engagement or marriage.

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