American Airlines Magazine picks Exquisite Introductions

American Airlines Magazine picks Exquisite Introductions

August 2021

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Inflight magazines:

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Inflight magazine marketing provides an unparalleled opportunity for brand owners and media buyers. The magazines are created by quality publishing houses and are used by high-end, prestigious brands and companies to assist their advertising campaigns.

Inflight magazine advertising is a certified method to target the frequent flyers and the business traveler market, opinion leaders, high-earners, and decision-makers. Since an airplane cabin provides a receptive moment and a captive environment, it can be the perfect chance to promote your brand.

American Way:

American Way is a free-of-cost inflight magazine available across the entire fleet of American Airlines and the Admirals Club’s premium lounges. The magazine is issued monthly and has reached over 16 million passengers each month.

In 2014, American Airlines allotted “Ink” as the new publisher of the magazine American Way. Ink’s first issue was launched in January of 2015 with a dual cover edition featuring the famous rock star David Grohl and the band Foo Fighters, offering a refreshing new design and an editorial mixture of worldwide celebrities, elite destinations, and remarkable stories.

American Way has been the most beloved airline magazine in the world for about forty years. Now exquisitely re-imagined to complement the desires of the more than 201 million discerning passengers flying via American Airlines.

The new American Airline Magazine, i.e., the American Way, is a stunning effort in the art of contemporary magazine making. The new American Way, powered by Ink, directly reflects the passions and interests of its loyal and affluent readership.

The American Airlines Magazine has picked Exquisite Introductions as one of their Topmost Picks for the May 2021 edition!

Elite Matchmaking Services:

Exquisite Introductions delivers exclusive luxury matchmaking services for experts, CEOs, professionals, and successful individuals. Whether you’re searching for a casual date or a long-lasting commitment, this company has a reliable team of matchmaking professionals that will help you find your ideal match. The brand caters to selective clientele with an assurance for excellence.

Exquisite Introductions has elite memberships that provide the clients with their personal, professional matchmaker that matches the customers with someone based on the client profile.

A Matchmaking Agency that goes beyond:

Exquisite Introductions has been providing its services for almost ten years, and there is a lot more to finding an ideal partner than just meeting the individual.

Even the most extrovert person can lose their words when they meet some CEOs, models, and splendid people that the company matches them with. But that’s what Exquisite Introductions are here for!

The matchmaking agency has dating teachers and coaches that work with the clients to get over the initial anxiety and fear that the customers experience.

The agency can even go the extra mile to aid you in booking your reservations at restaurants and hotels. While they try their best to ensure that the client’s date is a success, people should know that relationships are based on the couple’s chemistry. Exquisite Introductions will find you a match and give you lessons before your date, but the rest is completely up to you.

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