[Exquisite Introductions Service Reviews]

[Exquisite Introductions Service Reviews]

January 2022

Exquisite Introductions:

Exquisite introductions is an elite matchmaking service based in New York. It is an extensive matchmaking service that connects successful people across the globe. If you’re someone whose career choices have made them all caught up and you don’t have time to try and fail in dating, or someone with a history of bad experiences when it comes to dating, then exquisite introductions is the right place for you. We’ll help you connect with people that are just right for you.

Customer Reviews:

The CEO of Exquisite Introductions, Maria Silba is greatly experienced in the field of matchmaking. She has been successful in uniting a great number of couples by making use of her unique strategies of matchmaking. However, if you are still not sure whether or not this is the right option for you, then we suggest you to look at some of the reviews we’ve received over the years.


STEVE G. wrote that a year ago in February – the Valentine month, he felt alone and gloomy. That’s when he decided to seek help from Exquisite introductions. Steve acknowledged the efforts of EI team in trying to understand what he wanted out of a relationship. Steve was successful in getting a date on Valentine’s Day and they two are still dating.


GREG L. says that he has finally found his soul mate. Further, Greg appreciated the professionalism and diligent efforts of the CEO of Exquisite Introduction and her team. Greg also praised the concierge wedding and honeymoon services of Exquisite Introductions by saying that everything was more beautiful than they could have ever imagined.


LINDSAY H. a lawyer who didn’t have time to go out looking for love, left it all up to Exquisite Introductions and was not disappointed. Despite her being very choosy, we kept introducing her to new people until she found her one. She appreciated the attention with which each client was dealt with.


AMANDA D. admits of being very hesitant before seeking the help of a matchmaker, but her experience with Maria and her team has left her being greatly appreciative of them. She further added that the feedback after every date really did her well and helped her understand herself better. Knowing herself better helped her in having healthy communication with her partner which led her to getting engaged to him. 


JOHN F. says that owing to all the bad experiences in matchmaking, he’d given up hope in these services. Upon suggestion from a friend who recently got married to a person selected by Exquisite introduction for him, he gave us a try. John says that it was worth taking the chance. He is highly appreciative of the detail oriented staff of EI. He admitted that if not for Exquisite introductions, I would have given up hope on ever finding love.

Love is as essential for us as breathing. At the end of hectic day, we all want to go home to someone with whom we can unwind ourselves. In time like these, it’s hard to find love because no one is ready for that big of a commitment. However, no matter how hard it may seem like we should never ever give up on love because love is all we have.


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