[Matchmaker]: Find your perfect partner in New York City

[Matchmaker]: Find your perfect partner in New York City

September 2022

New York City is one of the hardest places to find a partner. Dating in a city of 10 million is not easy. The sheer number of people is beneficial for people who want to hook up, but if someone wants a real thing they are in for a challenge.

Ghosting is a very real problem in the dating scene of New York City. NYC’s density, lifestyle, and related industries make it super easy to meet others and date without even trying for the most part but relationships are a completely different beast.

Many people resort to match-makers and dating sites to do the hard work for them. There are hundreds of options to choose from. The most unique and successful match-making service for the people in New York City is “EXQUISITE INTRODUCTIONS”.

An Introduction to Exquisite Introductions (Find your perfect partner in New York City)

Exquisite Introductions is the world’s most exclusive matchmaking, dating agency that provides luxury matchmaking services for professionals, CEOs and successful individuals. Whether you’re looking for a casual date or a lifelong commitment, their team of matchmaking experts will help you find your perfect match. Their services go beyond match-making and extend to customized coaching and concierge services. The unparalleled standards have made it one of the greatest match-making services out there.

What sets Exquisite Introductions apart?

There are many factors that set Exquisite Introductions apart from all other dating services. It is not like the ordinary dating sites and when choosing a partner, who wants the ordinary!

VIP clients

Almost all the match-making sites in the New York City offer their services to all kinds of people. Not Exquisite Introductions. This site is exclusively reserved for VIPs. Their clientele includes very exclusive, high-quality and passionate men and women, CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, super models and Hollywood celebrities. Such high-profile and successful people can have trouble finding partners since they can be a little intimidating at times to the other person. They also have very specific requirements that they’re hoping to find in a partner. Normal dating sites usually can not satisfy such customers, and this is where they lag in their service.

Ordinary dating services have clients from all races of life. This leads to a very huge pool of potential partners and results in more confusion, distress and hopelessness. People find it more convenient if the group that they’re selected from is filtered and specifically caters to their requirements. Making a match is an exciting and joyful task. The client should also be excited and not worried. Exquisite Introductions makes sure that their clients do not have any trouble and find the perfect match.

Find your perfect partner in New York City

Matchmaking Redefined

Exquisite Introductions follows a completely unique process which helps them to thoroughly assess the client and decide which person is going to be the best match for them. Most people find it really difficult to express what their specific choices are. They do not realize what they like or dislike in others. Merely looking at the profiles of people and having a meeting with them once or twice does not guarantee the right match. It might be luck or a conversation about a very specific topic that made you like that person, and it is entirely possible that you do not get along with them at all in the long run.

Exquisite Introductions follows a unique screening process in which every client has to go through an interview with their personal match-maker. The interview aims at deciding what is important to the client and what they would like and expect to find in their partner. Apart from finding out the needs and wants of the client, the interview also verifies their background and determines their lifestyle so that they can be matched with another person who shares their relationship goals and lifestyle.

Finding the Partner of your Dreams

Having a personal match-maker makes things very convenient. All the information shared with them is kept entirely confidential. This helps the clients to easily open up ad share everything that they would want in their partner. They would also feel comfortable sharing any unusual habits or practices with the help of the expert match-maker. The interview determines the personal preferences of the client.

With the help of the collected data, a list is compiled showcasing the ideal matches for the client. It is also made sure that the match also shares similar goals and ambitions so that a permanent bond can be formed, and no issues and disputes arise in the future.

Brief client pool

Since only high profile clients are taken on board, the number of clients looking for partners is not insanely high. This makes the selection process easier and less confusing. It is easier to find a match for yourself from people who belong to similar backgrounds or lifestyles. People who belong to the same social class naturally tend to get along quite well with each other. The entire pool of people being from the higher class of society, one can instantly see how many similarities there are between them and the other people.

Having lesser clients, it is possible for Exquisite Introductions to develop and nurture meaningful relations with their clients and getting to know them pretty well. The better that the match-maker knows the client, the easier it is to find a match and the better the couple formed is. The customer reviews clearly show how satisfied the clients are with the services and how happy they are to have chosen Exquisite Introductions and not any other service.  For any ordinary person, there may be many choices but for a CEO, a professional or a successful individual, the best option is to opt Exquisite Introductions.

Coaching Services

Finding a partner can be very intimidating. There are many possible complications which are mainly caused by the inexperience of clients. While meeting potential partners, who might actually be he right one for them, they might say something wrong or act in a way in which they normally would not behave. This might lead the other person not to choose them. At Exquisite Introductions, all clients are successful and do not lack anything in beauty. Meeting such people can be quite intimidating. Exquisite Introductions, however, has everything planned out for you so that you do not have to do the hard work.

They also provide coaching for the client to understand the entire procedure very clearly. It enables the client to communicate efficiently with their potential partners. They make sure you express all your needs and wants, things that are dear to you, your values and culture, your goals in life and things you would like to accomplish with your partner. The experts working at Exquisite Introductions have thought of every possible angle to improve your search for a partner and they guide and coach you through the entire procedure.

Apart from all this, the CEO of Exquisite Introductions, Maria Silba takes on a hands on approach and meets with every client personally. Having the help and support of such a skilled person in this field is priceless!

Concierge Service

Apart from providing top-notch match-making services, Exquisite Introductions also goes an extra mile and offers concierge services worldwide to ensure that the match is permanent and long-lasting. They handle all the complications and finer details of arranging the date while you will have plenty of time to prepare yourself. They will take care of everything from making reservations in the best restaurant in the city to making sure you have VIP passes to the best nightclub. They go above and beyond to make sure that the experience you have is completely unforgettable. Enjoying all the luxuries while not having to make any arrangements is truly wonderful. The client can put their mind to how they are going to express their criteria and interact with their potential partner to get the best outcome.

The Experience of a Decade

In the fast paced world, there is a lot of competition and many amateurs have started match-making businesses. While choosing a match-making service, it is important to realize that experience is the most treasured asset in such businesses. The more matches you make and the more experience you have, the better you can judge people and find suitable matches. Every trial and tribulation makes one better and enables them to function in a way superior to before.

Exquisite Introductions has been in the match-making business for more than ten years. This decade long experience in this industry has allowed the company to attain great heights and master the art of match-making. Now, their services are better than before, and they are constantly working on ways to provide an even better experience to the clients. Countless matches have already been made and the success stories of the happy customers can be viewed on their site.

Local and International Service

Exquisite Introductions extends its services beyond the States. In the locale, it is undoubtedly the best but now it has expanded the business to a whole new level by going international. They provide services to people from different countries. The concierge service is also worldwide. Many clients want their partner to be from a specific country or city, which would be a problem if they are availing any other services. The international scope of Exquisite Introductions solves this problem in a second and finds you a partner from all corners of the world. Not worrying about such issues gives the clients enough time and mind to think about other things and being matched with the partner of their dreams.


Why is it the choice of many?

Everyone needs help in finding the partner of their fantasies. Whether you’re looking for a date or a person to spend eternity with, Exquisite Introductions is there to help. Everyday, high profile men and women contact them to avail
their luxury matchmaking services
. They find the missing piece of your life so you can finally be whole and have everything. Their professional coaching is life changing, highly personalized and customized. Their clients enjoy a premium experience which can be seen with the satisfaction and revies of their customers. If all these people choose this service and are so very satisfied, it goes to prove that the best match-making service is indeed Exquisite Introductions.

About the CEO

The CEO of Exquisite Introductions, Maria Silba has had extensive experience in the field of match-making. She has spent many years finding the perfect partners for people and is renown for her succehe is proud to have been selected matchmaker of the year, two years in a row for 2019 and 2020! She has made appearances as a ‘Dating and Love Expert’ on national talk shows and network news segments.

Maria is often featured on TV shows and networks, you may have seen her on billboards across the country, as well as in national publications. She feels that developing and running a Full-Service Matchmaking Company has propelled her to the top of this profession. With A 90% Success rate and International Award-Winning Match-making.

To make such an important decision in life, every client must choose a match-making service that suits them best. The factors that play a role in this selection are the relationship goals of the client, where they want their partner to be from and how much dating support and flexibility they want. Exquisite Introduction only deals with an exclusive clientele and offers a one stop shop that is not available at any other match-making service. It provides all the necessary support, and international services can find you a match from any part of the world.

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