My Husband Wants a Divorce but I Don’t What Can I Do

My Husband Wants a Divorce but I Don’t What Can I Do

September 2021

Welcome to the topic “My Husband Wants a Divorce but I Don’t What Can I Do.”

Whether the news of your husband wanting a divorce came out of the blue or you had been sensing it for years, but didn’t think that your spouse’s complaints might actually end up leading to a divorce. You might be feeling reluctant to quit the relationship and may be prepared to do anything it takes to save your marriage. Thus, despite the anger, hurt, or panic you’re experiencing, you’re probably hoping that your partner changes his mind and thinking of ways you can stop him. However, if you’re truly determined to make the marriage work, there are many ways to reclaim the relationship since your husband might be ambivalent about his decision right now.

Here’s how you can improve the situation and open up the possibility of reconciliation:

Stay Calm and Control Your Emotions

You might experience a plethora of emotions after your husband announces that he wants a divorce. Still, it’s essential to keep your composure and healthily release those emotions. The kind of reaction you show can play a vital role in determining future events. Thus, make sure you don’t push your partner further away by showing disrespect, desperately pleading, or by threatening to take custody of your children. Additionally, reacting calmly might surprise your husband and make him change his opinion.

Give Them Space and Distance

Giving your husband the time and space to contemplate his decision is the best thing you can do right now. This is because your partner’s decision to continue the marriage shouldn’t come from guilt or pressure. However, it doesn’t mean you should distance yourself from him; you only need to back off a little by resisting the urge to talk about the divorce at every chance you get. Moreover, you can use this time apart to focus on yourself and work on areas that need improvement.

Pay Attention to Your Appearance

Going through all this heartbreak might have made you lose interest in taking care of yourself. However, to feel better, don’t ignore basic hygiene, put some effort into looking presentable, and pay attention to the clothes you’re wearing. Thus, invest your time and energy in improving your appearance, getting a haircut, hitting the gym, or anything that boosts your self-esteem. Additionally, looking attractive can play a massive role in rekindling the romantic feelings that your partner once had for you.

Consider Counseling

If you’ve succeeded in changing your husband’s mind, the next step is to consider couples therapy and effective communication. It can help you identify reasons that made the relationship weak and collectively work on those issues. Aside from counseling, try to create opportunities for restoring your marriage, like reminiscing over the past, appreciating each other’s company, and focusing on reconnecting with each other.


Finally, if none of these actions help improve the situation, you need to take this as a sign that your marriage is finally ending. No matter how painful this phase of life may be, accepting and letting go will allow you to move forward with life. Thus, reach out to friends and family to make it easier for you to cope with this change.

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