Signs that you’re dating an under-confident person

Signs that you’re dating an under-confident person

February 2022

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Under-confidence affects your relationships in several ways. There are just about innumerable negative side effects on the Exquisite Introductions list. Relationship traits that possibly indicate low self-confidence is, unexpectedly, fight starters or sometimes even fuel for the breakup. Mentioned below are some of the top signs that you are dating a person with low self-esteem:

Apologize For No Reason

You are believed to apologize every time you hurt your partner. There isn’t any need to apologize every time you bump into something, make a noise, say something, or for no reason. If you make an apology for no reason or even apologize on your apology, people tell you to stop apologizing; it could be a negative reflection on your date.

Being Insecure or Needy

An under-confident person felt unworthy of affection and love and terrified that they’d lose it at any point in time. It can ultimately lead to clingy behavior, as you try to cling to something you are scared to lose. 

Being A People Pleaser

People pleasers commonly have low self-confidence. They do it as they need to show their worth to others. They are intolerable with negative emotions or conflicts; hence, they work hard to keep their partners pleased, without concern for their own emotions. 

Asking For Permission

There is a major difference between asking for permission and conferring something with your dater. Even if your discussion starts like “Is it Fine if I…” it can be a good starter for a conversation. Though when you ask permission for everything, like permission to turn on the PC, get something to eat, visit your mom, etc., it reveals that you are continually seeking validation and approval on account of low self-confidence. 


Low self-confidence in persons can ultimately lead them towards doing unhealthy things to please their partners. Enabling can involve allowing your partner to make unhealthy choices like encouraging them while they don’t work well on their objectives or giving them money for drug addictions.


Co-dependence frequently occurs when you and your partner both have low self-confidence. It can look like feeling impotent to live without each other, never going outside without each other, or setting up your lives in a way that they don’t work until or unless you both are together. 


Your dates can be expensive. If you overspend on gifts, it could be a sign of under-confidence to the aspect of economic ruin. You might believe that your partner might not be pleased enough with some more inexpensive dates. This is a hard trap to escape and an easy trap to fall into.

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