[Exquisite Introductions Service Reviews]

Exquisite Introductions:

Exquisite introductions is an elite matchmaking service based in New York. It is an extensive matchmaking service that connects successful people across the globe. If you’re someone whose career choices have made them all caught up and you don’t have time to try and fail in dating, or someone with a history of bad experiences when it comes to dating, then exquisite introductions is the right place for you. We’ll help you connect with people that are just right for you.

Customer Reviews:

The CEO of Exquisite Introductions, Maria Silba is greatly experienced in the field of matchmaking. She has been successful in uniting a great number of couples by making use of her unique strategies of matchmaking. However, if you are still not sure whether or not this is the right option for you, then we suggest you to look at some of the reviews we’ve received over the years.


STEVE G. wrote that a year ago in February – the Valentine month, he felt alone and gloomy. That’s when he decided to seek help from Exquisite introductions. Steve acknowledged the efforts of EI team in trying to understand what he wanted out of a relationship. Steve was successful in getting a date on Valentine’s Day and they two are still dating.


GREG L. says that he has finally found his soul mate. Further, Greg appreciated the professionalism and diligent efforts of the CEO of Exquisite Introduction and her team. Greg also praised the concierge wedding and honeymoon services of Exquisite Introductions by saying that everything was more beautiful than they could have ever imagined.


LINDSAY H. a lawyer who didn’t have time to go out looking for love, left it all up to Exquisite Introductions and was not disappointed. Despite her being very choosy, we kept introducing her to new people until she found her one. She appreciated the attention with which each client was dealt with.


AMANDA D. admits of being very hesitant before seeking the help of a matchmaker, but her experience with Maria and her team has left her being greatly appreciative of them. She further added that the feedback after every date really did her well and helped her understand herself better. Knowing herself better helped her in having healthy communication with her partner which led her to getting engaged to him. 


JOHN F. says that owing to all the bad experiences in matchmaking, he’d given up hope in these services. Upon suggestion from a friend who recently got married to a person selected by Exquisite introduction for him, he gave us a try. John says that it was worth taking the chance. He is highly appreciative of the detail oriented staff of EI. He admitted that if not for Exquisite introductions, I would have given up hope on ever finding love.

Love is as essential for us as breathing. At the end of hectic day, we all want to go home to someone with whom we can unwind ourselves. In time like these, it’s hard to find love because no one is ready for that big of a commitment. However, no matter how hard it may seem like we should never ever give up on love because love is all we have.


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Date coaching is practical and dynamic approach to spark your dating life. Date coaching helps a person to present his best self on a date to make the most out of his date. Exquisite Introductions provides you date coaching services that will greatly enhance your success in dating and relationships. 

There comes a time in our life when we realize that we’re not choosing the single life rather single life has chosen us. No matter how confident we are there are some shortcomings in our personalities that hinder our relationships. This is where date coaching comes into action. Here at Exquisite Introductions we help you through date coaching to pinpoint those issues in your personality and how to overcome these to have sound dating life.

date coaching


Matchmaking is different from date coaching in the sense that matchmakers help you find your perfect match. On the other hand, a date coach makes sure you hit it off with your perfect match. Your date coach will make use of different strategies like discussion regarding previous dating experiences, role playing and behavior modeling to help you attract partners. 

Exquisite Introduction is an all-encompassing space for you where you can avail best matchmaking services as well as date coaching. So, what more are you waiting for?


The date coaches at Exquisite Introductions work primarily on the following problems when it comes to dating:

  • Low Self-Esteem is the root cause of insecurity and jealousy in a relationship. Unless a person gets over this issue, he can have trouble trusting people and building sound relationships. 
  • Poor communication – nothing threats a good date more than poor communication. Dating coaches make you understand how to communicate with people in a healthy manner.
  • Date Fatigue – poor dating experiences can leave you feel drained out of your energy. This can lead to other problems such as anxiety and depression. Being able to discuss this openly with our dating coaches will aid you in coping with past bad experiences to have a more beautiful future.



If you’re struggling in deciding whether or not you need date coaching, here you’ll find your answer. 

  • Introvert – if you’re someone with an introverted personality that too with a touch of anxiety rolling in, you surely are in need of a date coach.  Date coaching will help you calm down your anxieties and express that tiny bit of your extroverted self to someone.
  • Time – if you don’t have enough time to spend on dating, then you need your dating to be productive and well-designed for you. Guess who’s gonna do that for you? OUR DATE COACH!!
  • Inability to understand people – if you find it hard to understand and accept as to why a certain individual is behaving in a specific way, then your date  coach will make things a bit less confusing for you. 

With everything said, now all you have to do is sign up and book your date coaching sessions at Exquisite Introductions.



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With our headquarters in Century City California, we are the premier and exclusive matchmaking agency in the United States

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[The Billionaire’s Guide To Finding Love]

The Billionaire’s Guide To Finding Love

The concept of finding beautiful, passionate love is something we learn from the minute we are born. When we reach adulthood, everyone tells us that it’s time to “settle down” and “find the one.”

It’s no wonder that many of us go insane hunting for love because it appears to be the only thing anybody thinks about. Even with the lockdown constraints loosened, IRL dating remains difficult. Finding love after a year of lockdown and face-to-face dating inside might be nerve-racking for some, but for others, it’s better to get to know someone online before spending time with them in person.

If you’re serious about seeking love online, Exquisite Introductions is a great place to start. Exquisite Introductions’ compatibility matching technology is even patent-protected. Yes, you read that accurately. We’ve been focusing on the Relationship Survey for 10 years, and we’re happy to be able to match people who are compatible with one another.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a profile on social networking sites or dating apps, which makes you question, “Why is online dating so popular in the first place?”

This is why: The Billionaire’s Guide To Finding Love

More Available Options

On these applications and websites, those looking for a match have many possibilities to select from. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a serious relationship or simply a fling; Exquisite Introductions can help you meet someone who shares your relationship goals. As a result, based on your tastes and preferences, you may locate the right match with only one swipe or click.

Saves you time

This platform may be highly beneficial and time-saving for those who lead a hectic lifestyle that prevents them from interacting daily. Because people must devote most of their time to jobs or family, they have fewer opportunities to meet new individuals. As a result, Exquisite Introductions can assist you in connecting with possible companions at the most convenient moment for you.

A Simpler Approach

Approaching someone you’re interested in is difficult, especially for timid people who struggle to gather the guts for even a simple “Hey.” On the other hand, online dating makes it simpler for those who are self-conscious about their physical appearance to meet new people and bond easily.

A Great First Impression

By developing what is termed an “excellent profile,” you may create the perfect impression on anybody who comes across your profile on a dating site or app. People post fresh images of themselves in which they appear their finest while choosing photos for their profiles. Furthermore, a profile contains the type of information that assists others in finding a match that is a good fit for them. It also allows you to look for certain characteristics in the other person, such as age, height, hair or eye colour, or even ethnicity.


According to experts, this is an excellent dating service for persons with comparable personality features. Exquisite Introductions matching saves you the time and trouble of sifting through thousands of profiles by delivering matches directly to your email. To summarize, Exquisite Introductions is the ideal site for people to find love in a time when finding love appears to be nearly impossible. It gives them hope that they will live the joyful life they have always desired.

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[San Francisco Matchmaker]

We have introduced Exquisite Introductions special matchmaking services to all single individuals in San Francisco who are having difficulty finding a suitable match. Our matchmakers will present you with the most excellent possible match and will spare you from any regrets. Exquisite Introductions is the key to making all of your dreams come true.

We live in an era where everything is outsourced. So why not consult with someone who is committed to assisting you in finding a long-term relationship. Finding a match through matchmaking is the most effective way to find a suitable mate, especially with Exquisite Introductions matchmaking services, where you can have everything you want without having to do anything since our matchmakers will do all of the work for you. Hiring with a Matchmaker is an experience you will most likely never forget. It’s not just going on dates, though that’s a significant part of it. It is meeting individuals you wouldn’t ordinarily meet, increasing your self-awareness, and discovering what you need rather than simply what you desire.

Here are a few reasons why you must think about hiring our professional san Francisco matchmaker.

A Personal Matchmaker

What’s the big deal about having a personal matchmaker? You have someone actively seeking a suitable lifemate for you. They will search the database for persons who match your description of what you’re searching for. Our matchmakers will make it their primary goal to seek you the best-suited spouse, so you may have everything you want.

Similar Interests

You will meet people who are similar to you — there is no guessing when you use Exquisite Introductions matching. You already know that everyone you match up with is similar to you in some regard, such as having a comparable financial net worth, personality qualities, interests, and so on. There is no guessing involved, as there is with other dating procedures. Similar interests will make it easy for you and your companion to spend time together.

More Chances

Your chances of finding a suitable spouse are great since you are only matched with people who desire the same things in life and want the same type of relationship. The number of happy couples formed due to matchmaking attests to its success as a dating tool for the elite.

Getting to know those who are committed

Our matchmakers will offer you prospective matches from their large database. This suggests that these individuals have also paid for matching services in the hopes of finding a long-term companion. This enhances your chances of meeting someone who is looking for more than just a casual encounter.

Date mentoring

Exquisite Introductions’ matchmakers not only help you locate the right match, but they also assist you in making a great first impression. They’ll offer you advice on your look and dating etiquette. Your success is our success; therefore, we work hard to discover and maintain your ideal partner. We will work with you to improve your self-esteem and make you love yourself. You will exude great energy in this manner, and your spouse will adore you.

These are just a few of the numerous advantages of working with a personal matchmaker at Exquisite Introductions.

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[Professional Dating Service in New York]

There is far too much to write about the New York dating environment to cover in a single post, but I will highlight a few areas to consider and act on if you are in a rut or thinking about relocating to/from here. For the most part, the population, culture, and industries of New York City make it quite simple to meet and date people without really trying. Relationships, on the other hand, are a whole other beast. Even for the most accomplished and motivated persons in their various careers, settling down and getting engaged or married may appear to be an impossible feat.

Why is dating in New York so tricky?

As in every large city, dating will always be difficult since there are so many possibilities available that individuals go through others like clothes on a rack. Also, people nowadays, especially in New York City, have very high expectations and are highly harsh of those who do not fulfill them. People are so swayed by movies, television shows, and social media that they have lost contact with reality. It’s awful since people no longer know how to date or love. Dating can be an exciting experience where you meet new people. If it doesn’t result in romance, it may at least grow into a friendship; but, with the tendency of ghosting and negative views toward “undesirable” dates, the experience has become poisonous. This is due, in part, to a lack of perspective as well as excellent manners.

Professional Dating Service in New York
Professional Dating Service in New York

How to get the perfect partner?

If dating in New York is as tricky as it appears, the issue becomes, “How can one locate a suitable individual to date?” The answer to this question is straightforward: “Online Dating.” There are so many online dating apps and websites that people are confused about which ones are legitimate and which are a waste of time and a pure fraud. But now that we’ve provided you with the most reputable and acceptable dating service, this problem is no longer a concern. Exquisite Introductions provides you with all of the ideal alternatives to get back into the dating game.

Is Exquisite Introductions worth it?

People frequently dismiss obtaining professional assistance when it comes to dating, but the reality is that it is by far the most convenient and successful approach to receive what you need in a short period. People squander years of their lives looking for the right companion. However, finding the right companion in huge places like New York is like looking for a needle in a haystack. As a result, failing to seek aid is a dumb error. Exquisite Introductions will ensure that you do not lose valuable years of your life by searching for you. Our responsibility is to match you with someone who is the most similar to you and meets your standards.

Dating becomes a piece of cake with the professionals at Exquisite Introductions, whether in New York or any other major city. You can tell us about all of your requirements and desires, from physical attributes to personality, and we will do our best to find you the ideal partner.

With our headquarters in Century City California, we are the premier and exclusive matchmaking agency in the United States

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[New York Upscale Matchmaking Service

Nowadays, dating is more complex than it used to be. With all of the fakery and disparities in people’s personalities, it’s challenging to find someone with whom you can get along. It is tough to discover your soul mate, especially in massive places like New York. Dating in a huge city will always be challenging since there are so many options available that people sort through them like clothes on a rack. Furthermore, individuals nowadays, particularly in New York City, have very high expectations and are critical of those who fail to meet them.

Save your time

Communication is required for a successful partnership. Knowing the other person’s likes and dislikes, which is difficult to know because you can’t get people to speak up on the first date. If the other person is an introvert, it could take centuries to know what’s on their mind, wasting your time,  but what if you already knew all of this beforehand? Isn’t it difficult to believe? But it’s not impossible, and with Exquisite Introductions, the top matchmaking service in New York, it’s rather simple.

New York Upscale Matchmaking Service
New York Upscale Matchmaking Service

What exactly is matchmaking?

Matchmaking is the technique of bringing together two individuals who are highly compatible on many levels, ranging from physical characteristics to personality features, intending to spark a long-term relationship. Matchmaking is an option for those unable to date or meet people in bars or social events.

And it turns out that matching might give some valuable knowledge for individuals wishing to join long-term partnerships. With so many dating apps and websites accessible, some individuals find it difficult to imagine finding love the “classic” way. But consider the human intelligence and specialized service that matching services offer. This invaluable information is overlaid atop quantitative and qualitative data points. When all of this is considered, matching is an excellent choice for many people hoping to meet their match.

Exquisite Introductions-the best matchmaking service?

When you decide to find your mate through online matchmaking, you should select the best matchmaking service since it is your right to have the best. Among so many websites, the most refined website is the one that prioritizes your needs and objectives. Exquisite Introductions does exactly that by matching you with the most suited mate with whom you will get along. We will match you with a companion who shares your interests. You can get whatever you need by just signing in.

Our skilled matchmakers will facilitate your quest for the right companion while also boosting your confidence. We will reveal all of the keys to having a beautiful relationship because your well-being is our top priority. Every one of us has been out with someone and felt it went well, but there was never a second date. We are aware that the vast majority of the time, this has nothing to do with us. But it would be great to have some comments. We aren’t usually very skilled at looking at ourselves objectively. On the other hand, your Exquisite Introductions matchmaker will be able to provide you with a fresh viewpoint and some crucial dating tips. These are few of the reasons why so many individuals are turning to matchmakers to discover the love of their lives.

Skilled matching is a service, and like with any service, you must choose someone trustworthy and professional. As a result, Exquisite Introductions is the ideal option for you to find the best mate available.

With our headquarters in Century City California, we are the premier and exclusive matchmaking agency in the United States

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[Matchmaking Services in San Diego]

If you’re a single person in San Diego looking for a perfect match to start dating but having trouble finding the “one,” you’ve come to the right place. In today’s dating world, we have several options for finding a potential mate. You can meet individuals spontaneously by mingling at your own pace or asking your friends to put you in touch with someone. However, finding a great match with whom you can spend your life is very difficult. Finding someone who shares your interests is a time-consuming task. Exquisite Introductions makes the search more accessible by allowing you to speak with potential dates online and organize a meeting if you feel a connection.

Exquisite Introductions provides the best matchmaking services in San Diego and discovers the ideal matches for you based on your criteria and preferences. You can choose from a vast pool of potential partners.


Here are some of the reasons why you should use Exquisite Introductions matchmaking services.

Matchmaking Services in San Diego
Matchmaking Services in San Diego


The most significant advantage of Exquisite Introductions matching services is the ease that we provide. You may engage from anywhere, at any time, at home, at work, or even while traveling. So, even before you meet your spouse in person, you can have the power of digitally conversing over the phone or physically going on a matching date. Our matching services allow you to have immediate access by signing up for specific services and packages. In that manner, all of the background work is done behind the scenes. The goal of your first meeting is for it to be non-tensed, as you will already be exchanging phone calls and messages.

Self Esteem Booster

It boosts one’s self-esteem. Our matching services also assist you in improving your online image and providing dating coaches and other such services. This equips you with skills and information that will be useful to you in the future.


You’ll have a wing woman. When you engage with our matchmakers, you will have access to a live person that you can contact and speak with. You may get dating guidance, individual attention, and the assurance that someone else is on the same journey as you.


Our matchmakers offer a trustworthy service to get to know you and what you’re searching for. It is critical to develop a stable connection to communicate your requirements, interests, and wishes without fear of being judged.

Higher Chances

You have a good chance of finding a suitable companion since you are only matched with people who desire the same things in life and want the same sort of relationship as you. Thousands of happy couples formed due to Exquisite Introductions matchmaking attest to its success as an elite dating approach.

Secured Services and Privacy

Exquisite Introductions matchmaking services will only introduce the customer to persons who are suitable for them. Without the agreement of their clients, our Matchmakers do not provide contact information or images to anybody. You may feel protected and secure if you use our services.

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With our headquarters in Century City California, we are the premier and exclusive matchmaking agency in the United States

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[Dating Advice for Singles in New York City]

There’s no getting around it: dating in New York City is difficult. Whether you’re loaded with choice or immobilized by it, dating in New York City may seem like a scene from The Hunger Games. For one thing, there are several possibilities. This can lead to one or both persons becoming uncommitted after one (or several) dates, even though things are “doing well” and they enjoy one other. The reason for this is that with so many possibilities continually passing you by, it’s easy to fall into a never-ending cycle of waiting for “something better” to appear.

So you’re single. You’re back on the market. You’re on Hinge; Coffee Meets Bagel or Bumble. You’re on a mission to discover your true love, but we all know what a ridiculous venture dating can be.

Here you’ll discover some dating advice for singles as well as information gleaned from scientific investigations throughout the years.

Join a dating site.

The most significant factor to consider on a date is shared interests. It is tough to locate someone compatible in a huge metropolis like New York on your own. You require assistance, and Exquisite Introductions will provide it. We will match you with someone who shares your ideas and will get along with you right away.

Dating Advice for Singles in New York City

Stick Close to Home

Going on a date with someone in a distant neighborhood in another borough will consume time that you do not have. If you already find it challenging to find time for dating, stick to those who live nearby; Exquisite Introductions can assist you with this. We will find you the best-suited companion in your city, making it easy for you both to spend more time together.

Choose Your Own Pace

When you’re dating someone new, it’s crucial to take the relationship along at your speed. We don’t strictly agree with society’s long-standing and unwritten norm of waiting a certain period before becoming intimate with your new partner. Still, we feel that waiting is OK if you aren’t sure that intimacy is something you’re ready for yet.

Think positively

We understand that you can’t always be optimistic. However, when it comes to dating, try to keep any negativity away since if you go on a first date expecting it to be a catastrophe, it most likely will be. Consider this: if you go out for drinks with someone you don’t like, it’s only two or three hours of your life. However, if you go on a first date thinking, “I’m going to laugh a lot, order my favorite dish, and have a fantastic time even if there’s no second date,” you’ll have a great time. The power of positive thought is undeniably real. Keeping a cheerful attitude isn’t always simple, but you won’t have any problems because our experts will prepare you at Exquisite Introductions. We will instill confidence in you and assist you in gaining control of yourself.

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Best New York City Matchmaking-Find Love in NYC

The dating environment in New York City Matchmaking-Find Love in NYC is a numbers game. There are so many people there, many young and unmarried, that there always seems to be another choice. As a result, binding anybody down in a serious relationship is difficult.

Finding “the one” is a time-consuming and exhausting process. Furthermore, even if you do discover someone you like, chances are you won’t get along since you have different interests. Finding a compatible companion might take years, especially in a huge metropolis like New York. Even so, you’ll never be sure. As a result, we recommend that you join Exquisite Introductions, which will connect you with the top matchmakers in New York City. We will make your life easy by finding you the mate you’ve always wanted.

Common ideas deny matchmaking by stating that one should wait for the right person. But this isn’t a movie; this is real life, and in real life, you have to find the right spouse for you, and matchmakers help you with that. Exquisite Introductions’ skilled matchmakers, in particular, find you the mate of your choosing and relieve you of all the work.

You Don’t Have to Be Concerned about Awkward Approaches If You’re Shy.

If you’re a shy person, hiring a matchmaker is a terrific alternative. Introductions can be less unpleasant and nerve-racking since the matchmaker acts as a liaison between you and your dates. You don’t have to be put up on blind dates by well-meaning but completely wrong pals or approach someone while out and about without knowing if they’re single. Everyone you’re matched with at https://exquisiteintroductions.com/Exquisite Introductions is seeking a date or a relationship, and the matchmaker provides you with some background information on each other before the first date. Breaking the ice shouldn’t be that difficult.

Best New York City Matchmaking-Find Love in NYC
Best New York City Matchmaking-Find Love in NYC

They Will Pay Attention to Your Suggestions

One of the most excellent advantages about working with a matchmaker is that you may be involved in every choice if you want to, or you can let them take the wheel. Usually, you may share your opinions with them before each date. And, after each date, you may tell them how you believe it went and if you need to make any changes. Perhaps your previous date works too much, doesn’t enjoy traveling as much as you do, or isn’t a huge admirer of pets. All of this information may be sent to the matchmaker, who will then go through their database of people to discover someone who more closely fits your interests.


Meeting people who do not share your relationship goals is a major letdown in dating. However, you can be guaranteed that the people you meet through our unique matchmaking service are as serious about finding love as you are. People that join Exclusive Introductions know what they want and are seeking a long-term connection.


It’s important to remember that matchmaking is more of a vocation than a career for many individuals who undertake it. This brings with it enthusiasm and, most crucially, experience. Intuition and confidence gained by dealing with relationships daily cannot be manufactured. If you’re thinking about hiring a matchmaker, the best place to start is with Exclusive Introductions since we will ensure a positive experience for you.

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