Dating trends to watch for in 2021

Dating trends to watch for in 2021

October 2021

As with everything else, the epidemic has obliterated numerous experiences, including those of finding love, and if you are particularly single, we know you feel the burn! However, a new year provides renewed optimism and another opportunity to find or experience love. Pandemic or not, we have always associated love with epic love stories and wonderful romances. As a result, many millennials now view love in a way that conflicts with their ambitions and desires.

Toss a hardball to your crush.

There was a time when dating was a leisurely affair: numerous dates, sly small conversations, waiting to text your date before responding, and so forth.

However, these are trying times. When the world is in turmoil, who has time to play the long game?


Hardballers do not spend time with evasive small talk and meaningless conversation; they are clear about what they want from the start.


There are various advantages to this, the most significant of which eliminates all the uncertainty associated with dating. While some like the adrenaline rush of the pursuit, others have their sights set on the prize: a serious, lasting relationship.


That said, hardball dating is devoid of romanticism — the rigidity of hardballing leaves little room for the exhilaration of first dates, texting games, and sweet nothings. However, romantics need not despair – they may always try.

Slow dating

There is a slow dater for every hardballer.

As the name implies, slow dating is focused on the long game – plenty of initial dating before committing to anything. Slow dating is for you if you enjoy the suspense of first dates and the will-they-won’t-they of texting back later.

New Dawn Daters

One in five Bumble users in the United Kingdom stated that they joined due to ending a committed relationship due to the epidemic. While many are new to dating apps and understandably nervous about dating at the moment, downloading the app is the first bold and courageous step toward resuming dating – congratulations!




Despite the uncertainty, horoscopes aided us in several ways this year. You wouldn’t be the only one who was scanning them for clues about our romantic life. It’s called astrolove – how romance may be written in the stars – and it appears to be here to stay, with over 1 million people in the UK adding their zodiac sign to their dating profiles in the last six months, which has been found to increase your chances of matching by up to 53%.


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