Oversharing Too Much of a Good Thing

Oversharing Too Much of a Good Thing

October 2021

The conventional wisdom in relationships is that we should always be completely honest with our partners. They say that a healthy relationship is built on microscopic honesty. But is that the case?

There is a tendency to overshare as reality has evolved to a more tech-centered society; finding romantic partners has become the norm which is understandable when we are more isolated. When we develop a genuine connection, we tend to disclose quite a bit. Under the current conditions, the traditional reasons for this, and the red flags that come with them, are forgiven a little more.

When it comes to establishing a new relationship, taking it slow and exploring the various aspects of a person is always the best strategy.

It’s usually preferable to keep a little mystery and not reveal everything in the first meeting or virtual meeting. In the old days of romance and courtship, one reveals today through the initial exchange of text messages is what one revealed over a span of weeks. We’re not saying that we go back a century in our courtship rituals, but we can leave some room for discovery if we slow down a little.

Discovery! What an idea. Maria, CEO of Exquisite Introductions, said the excitement that grows during the first few dates of a successful relationship much exceeds the instant gratification of emptying our hearts on the first date. Especially now when we’ll be pent up and alone for a few months. The temptation to overshare is considerably more robust, she states further.

On virtual dates, we should certainly take our time. In many cases, patience is a virtue.

We may still express the numerous facets of our personalities and share the things that interest us. It’s a balancing act at first to be our most genuine selves while still being our most appropriate selves. It’s always a tricky balancing act.

That is precisely the point. Balance. How can we achieve the right balance between sharing our tales and bombarding someone with them? How can we leave something to be sought, something to be explored? Maria continues that it’s more of an art than a science.  The art of seduction, chemistry, and relationships should always be a little enigmatic. It kind of spoils the enjoyment if we know everything upfront, she elaborated.

Individuals who appreciate knowing they have the freedom to their thoughts and feelings require privacy. On the other hand, trust is necessary for a relationship to flourish, and secrets damage trust and, in some instances, partnerships entirely. Make it a point to talk to your partner about the distinction between what you would like to keep private and what you would like to share with your partner; this is a crucial conversation to have.

Healthy limits are a necessary component of any successful relationship. While it’s crucial to recognize our differences as people and couples, we must also question ourselves: When does privacy become secret, and when does excessive information ruin a relationship? Where do you draw the line between truth and an overload of information?

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