Valentine’s Day: How to Celebrate When You’ve Just Started Dating

Being a first-time dater can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, particularly during Valentine’s Day. A key to showing your new partner that you care is to strike the right balance between showing him or her that you care without overwhelming him or her. Listed below are some helpful ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day in a way that’s lighthearted, fun, and respectful of the early stages of your relationship.

1. Keep It Casual:

You should understand that if you have just started dating, a grand gesture may not be appropriate at this point in your relationship. You may wish to take a more casual approach to avoid putting too much pressure on the situation. A low-key date might include grabbing coffee, going for a walk, or enjoying a casual dinner.

2. Plan a Fun Activity:

Choose an activity that will allow you both to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Engaging in a shared experience, whether it be a cooking class, a comedy show, or bowling, can create lasting memories without the intensity often associated with Valentine’s Day.

3. Express Your Interest:

The smallest gestures can speak volumes. The perfect gift would be a thoughtful and simple one, such as a book by their favorite author, a small bouquet of flowers, or a card expressing your gratitude for their assistance. These gestures demonstrate that you have taken the time to pay attention to their likes and dislikes.

4. Cook Together:

If you are comfortable, you may like to plan a relaxed evening where you will prepare a meal together. Spending time together in this manner can be fun and interactive and create a shared experience. It may be worthwhile to choose a recipe that both of you enjoy or try something new for added excitement.

5. Movie Night at Home:

An evening of watching a movie at home can create a cozy atmosphere. You can choose a few movies and prepare a few snacks so that you can enjoy a relaxed evening in each other’s company. Taking the low-key approach allows you to bond over shared interests without feeling pressured to plan a more elaborate event.

6. Be Playful with Gifts:

It is a good idea to keep the gifts lighthearted and playful. Consider sending them a small and humorous gift to show that you know their sense of humor. Incorporate a funny mug, a quirky gadget, or even a personalized gift that reflects an inside joke between you two.

7. Write a Thoughtful Note:

When you are in the early stages of a relationship, it can be more meaningful to write a sincere and genuine note to express what you appreciate about them and the time you have spent together.

8. Plan for the Future:

Make tentative plans for another date or outing if you both feel comfortable discussing future plans. It can be a great way to express that you would like to continue getting to know each other.

9. Respect Their Comfort Level:

Be aware of your partner’s comfort level about celebrating Valentine’s Day, and respect his or her feelings. Everyone has different expectations and experiences about this holiday, so communicate openly about how you both envision celebrating.

10. Keep It Light:

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate budding romance. To do that, keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable is imperative. Laugh, share stories, and let the moment take you. Focus on building a connection without adding unnecessary pressure. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate budding romance.

Exquisite Introductions provides a high-end, private, exclusive, unbeatable matchmaking dating service in Los Angeles for high-profile clients and members. It is important to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a manner that corresponds to the level of intimacy you have in your relationship in the early stages of dating. Keeping Valentine’s Day casual, planning thoughtful gestures while remaining modest, and concentrating on shared experiences will allow you to create a memorable and enjoyable experience without overwhelming your new partner.

[5 things to talk about on your first date]

It’s normal to feel a little anxious before a first date. According to the findings of specific studies, it takes a mere seven seconds for someone to form an opinion about something. The following is a list of topics that can be discussed during this initial meeting to keep the conversation moving naturally.

Talking About Their Day

Think of this inquiry as a technique to get into what’s genuinely at the forefront of this person’s mind right now. When people are asked how their day or week is going, they will typically divulge a bit about what is keeping them preoccupied at the moment. This could include what issues they are now facing, what dreams they are actively pursuing, or what joys are currently lighting them up. It is helpful to make an effort to learn about the world as the other person is currently experiencing it in order to open the door to a genuine connection and get past the predetermined reactions. One excellent approach to tap into that is by inquiring about what is happening in the person’s life.

What Life Had Been Like As A Teen

It may seem strange to discuss your background on a first date, but in reality, it will give the other person a chance to get to know the real you and provide you with an opportunity to learn more about them. A lot can be inferred about any person by learning about their family, their history, and where they’ve come from, especially when trying to piece together how they arrived at this point in their life. Move away from the standard inquiry about your hometown and instead focus on how your childhood truly aided you in growing with each and everything you learned. Your ultimate objective should be to inquire about topics that set you apart from every other schlub that is now available. That will end up being the deciding factor in the long run.

Their Feelings About Their Jobs

The topic of their work will almost certainly arise naturally at some point throughout the course of the discussion. Discussing one’s job is a topic that has been covered to death, so if you are going to bring it up, you might as well go one step further. What exactly is it about the work that makes them so enthusiastic? What facets of their professional life do they feel are lacking excitement for them? In the years to come, what do they have hoped for, and what are their expectations? When they were younger, what did they imagine themselves doing for a living? If you approach them with a sense of curiosity, you may be able to turn simple queries into in-depth talks. These interactions will allow you to elicit the essence of who you are as a person rather than receiving a response that has been rehearsed.

Talk About Past Travel

Some people spend their whole lives harboring a secret desire to see the world, while others find it more appealing to remain close to their loved ones and to establish a permanent residence in the same location for their entire lives. Find out what your date prefers to do, whether it be coffee or drinks. This inquiry can also help you decide whether or not you are compatible with the other person. If both of you are interested in traveling, you may ask them whether they would rather have an outdoor excursion or visit a city instead.


What kind of people do you asssociate yourself with when you pursue your new interest? Who knows, maybe you and they share some mutual friends! When you look at a person’s circle of friends, you can learn a lot about that person. Your social circle tends to reflect your personality and might impact you even if you are unaware of its effects. People tend to cultivate friendships with those who have comparable interests, values, and points of view. Inquire about their closest pals and the activities that they enjoy participating in together. You should also pay attention to how they characterize their friends because speaking negatively about other people is almost always a warning sign. You’ll better understand the kinds of individuals they hang out with and the kinds of friends they are to other people as a result of this.

Finding Love in 2021: Dating after divorce

Welcome to the topic “Finding Love in 2021: Dating After Divorce”

Finding love is super challenging, even during the best of circumstances. Now imagine trying to find love in a pandemic.

If you are reading this blog, the possibility is that you’re single and looking for a tiny sliver of hope that you’ll find love. Or maybe you’re curious about dating in the middle of a pandemic.

Ever since the constant lockdowns and the pandemic since March 2020, love is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind right now. And these days, it seems like every app ever created to help people find their soulmates or even just a date has transformed into a hookup app filled with underage or creepy people who pretend to be someone else. Now throw a pandemic in that mix, and it feels like we’re meant to be alone forever.

How to start dating:

The COVID-19 pandemic has people thinking about the important things in their relationships, and superficial connections that they form online aren’t worth it.

So it’s high time to try a new approach. So basically, if you’re looking for love in 2021, then matchmaking services may be the tactic you have to try!

Dating after divorce:

Even though dating after divorce is normal and sometimes necessary, it doesn’t have to happen in a rush.

How long after divorce to start dating:

There is no right way to go through a divorce, and it’s very important to take the time to work past the end of the relationship.

You might have signed your name on your divorce papers; however, the mental and emotional impact of divorce generally takes time to process fully. And the time depends on each individual.

Many therapists suggest that their clients wait no less than a year to start dating as a common rule.

Taking a breather will allow you to grieve the loss of your divorce, process it, adjust to a new life, and sort out any issues, such as adapting to a different financial status, finding a new place to live, and sorting out any custody issues if children are involved.

It would be best if you began dating after you have invested this time in your mental and emotional recovering, not before, because this is the only way to be available and open to someone new.


How to move on after divorce:

  1. Let yourself mourn:

Even if the divorce was something you wanted or you initiated, it still represents a loss.

  1. Work through your feelings.

Don’t carry the heavy luggage of your previous life into your new relationship. Work through your emotions. It can mean talking about your feelings with your therapist or focusing your spirit on a healthy activity that you enjoy.

  1. Rediscover who you are:

If you were married for a very long time, you might have given up on many dreams or things that you enjoyed before that.

  1. Consider transitional relationships.

It isn’t about ricocheting. It’s about considering dating when you feel like you’re ready. Consider dating outside your comfort zone, with anyone who’s not your type, and without thinking that it has to lead toward a permanent relationship.

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American Airlines Magazine picks Exquisite Introductions

Welcome to the topic “American Airlines Magazine picks Exquisite Introductions.”

Inflight magazines:

In this article we will be talking about a lot of things including how long after divorce to star dating, how to move on after divorce and a lot of exciting things. Let’s get started!

Inflight magazine marketing provides an unparalleled opportunity for brand owners and media buyers. The magazines are created by quality publishing houses and are used by high-end, prestigious brands and companies to assist their advertising campaigns.

Inflight magazine advertising is a certified method to target the frequent flyers and the business traveler market, opinion leaders, high-earners, and decision-makers. Since an airplane cabin provides a receptive moment and a captive environment, it can be the perfect chance to promote your brand.

American Way:

American Way is a free-of-cost inflight magazine available across the entire fleet of American Airlines and the Admirals Club’s premium lounges. The magazine is issued monthly and has reached over 16 million passengers each month.

In 2014, American Airlines allotted “Ink” as the new publisher of the magazine American Way. Ink’s first issue was launched in January of 2015 with a dual cover edition featuring the famous rock star David Grohl and the band Foo Fighters, offering a refreshing new design and an editorial mixture of worldwide celebrities, elite destinations, and remarkable stories.

American Way has been the most beloved airline magazine in the world for about forty years. Now exquisitely re-imagined to complement the desires of the more than 201 million discerning passengers flying via American Airlines.

The new American Airline Magazine, i.e., the American Way, is a stunning effort in the art of contemporary magazine making. The new American Way, powered by Ink, directly reflects the passions and interests of its loyal and affluent readership.

The American Airlines Magazine has picked Exquisite Introductions as one of their Topmost Picks for the May 2021 edition!

Elite Matchmaking Services:

Exquisite Introductions delivers exclusive luxury matchmaking services for experts, CEOs, professionals, and successful individuals. Whether you’re searching for a casual date or a long-lasting commitment, this company has a reliable team of matchmaking professionals that will help you find your ideal match. The brand caters to selective clientele with an assurance for excellence.

Exquisite Introductions has elite memberships that provide the clients with their personal, professional matchmaker that matches the customers with someone based on the client profile.

A Matchmaking Agency that goes beyond:

Exquisite Introductions has been providing its services for almost ten years, and there is a lot more to finding an ideal partner than just meeting the individual.

Even the most extrovert person can lose their words when they meet some CEOs, models, and splendid people that the company matches them with. But that’s what Exquisite Introductions are here for!

The matchmaking agency has dating teachers and coaches that work with the clients to get over the initial anxiety and fear that the customers experience.

The agency can even go the extra mile to aid you in booking your reservations at restaurants and hotels. While they try their best to ensure that the client’s date is a success, people should know that relationships are based on the couple’s chemistry. Exquisite Introductions will find you a match and give you lessons before your date, but the rest is completely up to you.

If you’re in search of your perfect partner, be sure to visit their amazing website at Exquisite Introductions!

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Thrive Global – Psychology of love languages (How to start dating)

Welcome to the topic “How to start dating.”

In this article, we will be discussing about Psychology of love langugage, how to start dating, and dating during divorce. Let’s get started!

The Five Love Languages is a Number 1 New York Times Bestseller written by Dr. Gary Chapman.

At a glance, it feels like any other self-help book for finding love or changing your life, but this specific book prevails as highly discussed in interpersonal and academic circles.

The five love languages:

The author has introduced the idea that there are five love languages that romantically involved partners use to convey their affection and love towards one another.

  1. Physical touch
  2. Words of affirmation
  3. Quality time
  4. Receiving gifts
  5. Acts of service.

Couples who can’t express their love using the love language their partner speaks are less likely to maintain a satisfying relationship. Even if two people love each other, they can end up feeling unloved by the other person. Given below is a breakdown of the love languages.


  1. Physical Touch:

Touch is the primary language that we use to communicate as babies, and it plays an important part in our development. Physical touch is necessary for creating and nourishing romantic relationships. Holding hands, hugging, cuddling, or kissing can help your significant other feel loved.

  1. Words of Affirmation:

The most common of the love languages are words of affirmation. You can make them feel loved by telling them how much you love them and complimenting their appearance, or even how much you appreciate their hard work.

  1. Quality Time:

Expression of love is the idea of quality rather than quantity. Giving someone your complete attention is quality time. Taking time out of busy schedules to be together and being mentally and emotionally present is important for your relationship to work.

  1. Receiving Gifts:

Gifts give partners a real symbol of love to hold onto. Whether it’s a big birthday present or even something as small as buying flowers for your partner or their favorite snack, any of these will deeply exhibit your love for them.


  1. Acts of Service

Showing love through any action like running errands or cleaning when your partner is sick or tired shows that you care for them and their needs. A partner who favors words of affirmation also enjoys these acts of love.

It’s natural and completely normal to give what you seek, and it’s truly a language that you can express even without thinking about it. If you share one or more of the above-mentioned love languages with someone, then you’re already halfway through the game! Hence, you are more likely to experience mutual relationship satisfaction.

If you do not share any love language preferences, then you both have to learn to get out of your comfort zones to connect with your partner’s requirements for love. While people mostly care about sharing activities with their partners, they should also focus on sharing the language of love as a topmost priority.


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Why Exquisite Introductions is the Best Matchmaking in New York City

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. That may be true for business, but what about love? Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right can feel like an uphill battle. If you’re tired of trying – and failing – to find a partner, Exquisite Introductions can help. We offer the best professional Matchmaking in New York City.

Here’s why:

Finding the Right Person in New York City Can Feel Impossible

In a city of more than 8 million people, you’d assume it would be easy to find a partner. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

New York City is a big place. Finding someone in your borough can be difficult. Living in different boroughs can feel like a long-distance relationship. It can take over an hour to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

As a successful, working professional, you may not have the time to travel an hour or more for a date. Finding someone local is crucial, but your time is limited and valuable.

Our professional, discreet matchmaking services can help you find that special someone. We cater to CEOs, executives and other successful individuals. Our matches are hand-picked based on your individual desires and needs.

Tired of Using Dating Apps?

Most people will tell you that there are three ways to meet people in New York City:

  • At work
  • In a bar
  • On dating apps

Maybe you’ve tried all three, or maybe you want to avoid all three. In either case, our matchmaking services are a great alternative to these options.

Dating apps can be frustrating. People aren’t always genuine when creating their profiles. Workplace romances can end in disaster that can make your professional life a nightmare. Meeting people in bars can be a hit or miss, especially if you’re looking for something serious.

At Exquisite Introductions, we take the time to get to know and interview each client to ensure that their intentions and details are genuine. We’ve developed a reputation for being one of the best matchmaking services in New York City. That’s because we take a personalized approach to each match, ensuring a much higher chance of success.

It’s Not Easy to Strike Up Conversations with Strangers

New Yorkers are ambitious and reserved by nature, and this can make it difficult to meet someone when you’re out and about in your everyday life.

Striking up a conversation in a coffee shop or on the subway isn’t as easy as you may think. Everyone is headed somewhere, and they have no time to waste. Neither do you.

If your schedule is packed with work commitments, you may not have the time or desire to try and meet someone. Maybe you don’t want to waste your time trying to find a partner only to be disappointed after the first few dates.

While a professional matchmaker cannot guarantee that you’ll find the perfect partner, your chances of meeting the right person are much higher. And you save yourself the time and frustration of meeting all the wrong people.

Dating isn’t easy, especially in a big city. Our matchmaking services in New York City can help you find a compatible partner with the same goals, values and desires.

With our headquarters in Century City, California, we are the premier and exclusive matchmaking agency in the United States

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Why Men Need a Professional Matchmaker in Los Angeles

Dating is hard. If you walk into a bar or restaurant in hopes of meeting someone, you’ll often find people on their phones with their heads down. It’s difficult to spark conversations, and even online dating leaves 45% of people feeling frustrated after the date.

And in the City of Angels, men are leading the way in the trend of looking for a professional matchmaker in Los Angeles.

A matchmaker breaks through the flings and personality clashes to allow you to really find someone that you mesh with well. When you go to a matchmaker, they’ll work through profiles and data to help find you someone who likes the same hobbies and has similar interests as you.

It’s the easy, less frustrating way to find someone to spend the night with – or even a lifetime.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Matchmaker in Los Angeles

1. Save Yourself Time and Stress

Dates take a lot of time and can be very stressful. When you go on dates with the wrong person, you’ll get ready, plan the date and often walk away angry. Professional matchmakers save you time so that you never have to go on a meaningless date again.

These professionals weed through the thousands of women looking for dates in Los Angeles to find the right one for you.

2. Coaching is Available

Even the most successful men in the world can become flustered when speaking to a woman. If you get anxious or nervous when meeting new people and really don’t know what to say or do, matchmakers offer coaching that can help you:

  • Start conversations
  • Seem interesting
  • Wear the right clothes
  • Learn to dance
  • So much more

If you often get in your own way during a date, call in a matchmaker in Los Angeles to help you make a good first impression every time.

3. Date on Your Own Terms

Some singles want to go out for a night that they’ll never forget, but they don’t have any intention of settling down any time soon. And some daters want to find that perfect someone they can spend the rest of their lives with.

But what is it that you want?

A matchmaker will be sure to pair you with a beautiful woman who wants the same thing, whether she wants to find Mr. Right or spend a romantic weekend together with no intention of committing.

4. Protect Your Privacy

If you’ve scoured dating apps, chances are, you’ve seen someone that you know looking for dates. And if you’re one of the executives or CEOs of a startup out here in LA, you might be recognized by clients, coworkers or even partners.

A lot of professional, rich men want to keep their dating life private.

Matchmakers don’t go around promoting you to the world. You’ll be matched with a very select clientele so that no one knows that you’re dating or single. When privacy is of the utmost importance to you, hire a professional matchmaker.

Want to put an end to your online dating and find someone that you have chemistry with?

With our headquarters in Century City California, we are the premier and exclusive matchmaking agency in the United States

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Top 5 Reasons Why Exquisite Introductions is the Industry’s Best Matchmaking Service

Are you tired of wasting your time with conventional dating services? Exquisite Introductions is an upscale matchmaking service that caters only to exclusive clientele. Our premier service is sought after by some of the top CEOs in the world. We are the best matchmaking service in the industry because we go through a careful process to ensure each client is matched with someone who shares their relationship goals. If that’s not enough to convince you that Exquisite Introductions is the industry’s best, here are five other reasons.

Exquisite Introductions is a private and exclusive dating agency, with an A+ business rating that provides successful men and women a chance at finding “your perfect match.” With a 90% success rate.

That’s how Exquisite Introductions works.

1. Face to Face Interviews

At Exquisite Introductions, we believe that it’s important to conduct face to face interviews with clients who use our service. All of our clients first start by filling out a questionnaire. Next, they go through the interview process with one of our staff. Face to face interviews ensures that all clients are who they say they are. It also gives us a chance to learn more about your background, interests and lifestyle to help you find the perfect match.

2. All Matches are Hand Selected

Exquisite Introductions doesn’t rely on algorithms or AI technology to find the best matches for
our clients. We do things the old-fashioned way – the right way. All of our matches are hand selected. We pair clients with other clients who share similar relationship and life goals. We only take on a few clients every year to ensure that we provide the best service and hand select the best matches.

3. Concierge Service Helps You Find the Best Restaurants

Not sure where to bring your date for dinner? If you’re like a lot of our clients, you spend a lot of time building your wealth and too little time exploring the city. With a concierge service, we step in to help you find the best restaurants in town. We’ll take care of all the fine details, while you prepare for your date. Exquisite Introductions goes the extra mile to ensure that you find the perfect match and go on an unforgettable date.

4. The Industry’s Best Relationship Coaching

Awkward? Don’t know what to say on a date? Freeze under pressure? Some of the most influential people in the world are just like you. But with Exquisite Introductions’ relationship coaching, you’ll enjoy premium services that include:

• Top-of-the-line coaching

• Image consulting

With the right direction, you can be the most interesting man or woman in the room. Our coaches will help guide you to the road of success in the dating world so that you can enter into that long-term relationship you’ve always wanted or find a life partner to share your life with.

5. Thousands of Successful Matches

We’ve completely reimagined high-end dating services and have helped thousands of people connect. Our success stories are filled with fairytale love stories from high-net-worth individuals. Mike, a prestigious attorney in Chicago, had the money, looks and popularity, but he was missing something: love. With our upscale matchmaking service, he found the woman of his dreams on the first match

. You can be our next success story old by registering with Exquisite Introductions.

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7 Tips to Make Love and Relationships Successful

Love and relationships are complicated. And if you’re able to keep the relationship going, the chance of breaking up will drop by 10% each year over the first five years. The key is lasting in the relationship long enough to make it successful. But how do you do that?

Here are 7 tips:

1. Communication

If you have good communication, your relationship will be stronger. You need to do two things
very well:
1. Listen to the other person
2. Develop empathy
You need to be compassionate and really get a sense for what the other person is feeling.

2. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Struggling with empathy? One of the easiest ways to really learn how to communicate and see the other person’s perspective is to put yourself in their shoes. Sometimes, even putting yourself in their shoes may not help. There are times when you might not see the person’s point of view. And that’s 100% fine. You can still have compassion for what the person is feeling even if you don’t fully understand.

3. Try to Find a Couple’s Hobby

Romantic dates are only a small part of relationship. You should also try and find a hobby or activity that you enjoy doing together. You can exercise together, stargaze, collect coins or learn a language together. These fun, innocent activities can help make your relationship last.

4. Go Out with Friends

If you’re the type of person that enters a relationship and completely ditches your friend circle, you need to rethink what you’re doing. One of the best ways to maintain a strong relationship is to continue going out with friends. Everyone needs their space. You may want to get out and reminisce about the past with your friends, and your partner should have the same freedom.

5. Make Time for Your Relationship

If you fail to make time for your relationship, it will eventually fizzle out. You need to compliment the other person, plan dates and continue taking time out of your normal, crazy schedule to spend time with your partner You can plan romantic dinners, go to the movies or even cook at home, but be sure to continue making time for your relationship. The matchmaking services can do this job for you.

6. Learn to Say Sorry and Forgive

You should learn to say sorry when you’re wrong and forgive when the other person is in the wrong. A lot of fights can be settled with a simple “I’m sorry,” and as far as forgiveness is concerned, if you hold on to the anger, the relationship will be riddled with animosity. A sincere apology can help you build a strong relationship.

7. Be Supportive

Everyone needs some support, and relationships last if you’re supportive through the good and bad. Try to appreciate the person’s perspective and even motivate your partner when they’re not motivated. A little support can go a long way in helping your relationship grow and last.

Love and relationships require work – a lot of it. If you’re willing to put the time and effort into your significant other, you can make the relationship a success. The tips above are a good starting point for all relationships and should continue to be built on as the two of you remain a

With our headquarters in Century City California, we are the premier and exclusive matchmaking agency in the United States

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